The Mans Decree Chapter 2575

Chapter 2575 Back At Long Last
“Don’t worry, Mr. Antonio. Ali is fine. Someone is watching over him. Are those two b*stards still in the village? I’ll go and kill them right away!” Kai snarled furiously.
“Calm down, Kai. Francois has already left, leaving Brutus in the village alone. Can you defeat him with your current capabilities?”

Antonio was worried that the man would not be Brutus’ match even if he had returned.
When Kai heard that Francois had left and Brutus was the only one there, he grew all the more confident.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Antonio. I’ll put Brutus through hell in front of everyone. Where is he now? Bring me to him!” he declared confidently.

At his confidence, Antonio gave a bob of his head and led Kai over.
Right then, Brutus was eating, drinking, and shaking his head leisurely.

“There’s no more wine, old coot! Hurry up and get me more!”
Brutus hollered for Antonio to bring him wine.

No sooner had his words rang out than a figure darted in and shot a palm out at him.
Sobering up immediately, Brutus went ballistic. “D*mn it! How dare you sneak up on me, you lowly peasant!”
He whipped out his sword. In a trice, light flashed, permeating the entire room.

As countless rays of light rent the room to shreds, Brutus leaped up before landing lightly at the side.
The moment he made out the person who sneaked up on him, he was wholly stunned.

“Ah, it’s you, kid! You’re back at long last!”

Glee showed on his face when he learned that it was Kai who had returned.
However, Kai said nary a word. The violence emanating from him pervaded the entire stretch of the sky above Rock Village.

Following that, the glee on Brutus’ face faded. Frowning, he asked, “What kind of capabilities do you have, kid? How did they develop so fast in just a few days? Or were you keeping them under wraps previously?”
From the man’s aura alone, Brutus could tell that his capabilities had improved significantly.

It’s only been a couple of days. How could a person’s capabilities skyrocket so rapidly? If the surge did not happen in the past few days, he must have kept his capabilities under wraps in the past!
“I’m going to avenge the villagers of Rock Village today and tear you into a million pieces!” Kai enunciated.

“Hmph! You? Even if you had concealed your capabilities, you’re still a lowly peasant. Could you possibly go up against me, an official disciple of the Emerald Cauldron Sect? Today, I’ll show you the gulf between you, a nobody and a disciple of a renowned sect!”

After Brutus had finished saying that, the sword in his hand shimmered with a dazzling brilliance as he charged toward the man.
He moved as fast as lightning, the messy sword energy shooting straight at Kai’s throat.
Kai swiftly retreated. Without warning, he stopped and flew backward out of Rock Village to land in the forest outside.
“Since you’ve come, I’ll never allow you to get away!”
Mistakenly assuming that the man wanted to take off, Brutus gave chase with a sneer.
Unfortunately, Kai was not trying to flee. Nor did he have any plans to do so. He merely did not want to battle in Rock Village since the entire place would be ruined when people of their cultivation level dueled.
Everyone in Rock Village watched nervously, feeling apprehensive on Kai’s behalf.
In the face of Brutus, who chased after him, Kai struck a tree beside him.
The tree shook, and thousands of leaves fluttered off its branches. With a forward push of his palms, the leaves whizzed toward Brutus like sharp weapons.
“Hmph! How amateurish!”
Brutus snorted before swinging the sword in his hand and striking down the leaves, one after another.


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