The Mans Decree Chapter 2576

Chapter 2576 Unmatched

Upon striking down the leaves, Brutus swung his sword toward Kai’s head.
Kai turned to the side, and the sharp blade slid past Kai’s ear.

The sword was so sharp that, as a result, Kai felt his skin burning.
Brutus was angered and embarrassed because Kai had just dodged both of his moves.

It was important to note that Brutus saw Kai as a lowly peasant, so he thought the latter was no match for him.
Yet, the lowly peasant, despite being unarmed, had just dodged both of his attacks. Humiliated, Brutus fumed, “I’m going to kill you!”
As he roared, Brutus’ sword lit up and generated shockwaves all over the area.
Kai let out a cold snort when he saw that Brutus was infuriated. In the next moment, Kai activated Golem Body, and glittering scales quickly shielded his entire body.
Seeing that Kai had activated his Golem Body, Brutus became even more pumped, and his sword consequently shone even brighter.
“Kai, use this as your weapon!”
All of a sudden, Percy shouted and tossed his weapon over to Kai. Kai is unarmed. If the fight goes on, he’ll be at a disadvantage!

Kai reached out to grab Percy’s weapon before using it to shield himself.

“Hmph! Do you seriously think that a lousy weapon like that can protect you?” Brutus sneered and swung his sword toward Kai.

“Even with a wooden stick, I can still beat you.” Kai narrowed his eyes and infused the weapon with the Power of Dragons.
The initially ordinary blade shone brightly in the next second, and it was buzzing with energy.
Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Needless to say, Kai managed to block Brutus’ attack rather easily.

When the blades collided, a deafening sound reverberated as a massive force spread outward, causing the trees in the surroundings to be uprooted.
If the fight were to happen in Rock Village, the impact would raze the village to the ground.


After the collision, the sound of a piece of metal dropping on the ground rang out.

There and then, everyone saw that the sword Brutus was holding had broken, and all he was holding was the hilt of the sword.

“H-How is this possible?” Brutus stared at his broken sword in utter shock. I wasn’t using a magic sword, but it was supposed to be a thousand times stronger than Kai’s rusty billhook! Yet, he had broken my sword with that billhook!

Bewildered, Brutus sensed the vicious aura Kai’s billhook was emanating. Right away, the former was terrified.
At the same time, Brutus knew he had underestimated Kai’s capability. How did Kai unleash such a horrifying wave of power with that billhook? He’s surely a Compounder, at the very least! How did a peasant become a Compounder? He’s as strong as the other disciples in the sect! I don’t get it! What is an elite like Kai doing in Rock Village?

“It’s time for me to avenge the villagers in Rock Village…” Kai slowly raised his billhook into the air, and the billhook shone even brighter.

The golden glow soon enveloped the sky, shining on Brutus’ terror-filled face.

Frightened, Brutus revealed his sect, thinking he could scare Kai off. “No… You can’t kill me… I’m from Emerald Cauldron Sect. My master… He’s—”
To his disappointment, Kai wasn’t interested in hearing him out. Kai swung his billhook toward Brutus before the latter could even finish his sentence.

Little did Brutus know that there was no point in mentioning his master’s identity. He couldn’t scare Kai off because even his master had to pay Kai respect.

When Brutus sensed the powerful energy Kai’s billhook was exuding, the former leaped and retreated as quickly as he could. I need to get out of here! I’m no match for Kai!


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