The Mans Decree Chapter 2577

Chapter 2577 Nice Name

The villagers in Rock Village became anxious when they saw Brutus fleeing. They wanted nothing more than to skin him alive, so none of them wanted to see him escape.

“Kai, Brutus is running away!”

“We can’t let him get away! Kill him!”

Emily and Percy shouted at Kai.

“Don’t worry. He can’t run away from me.” With a calm look in his eyes, Kai stared at Brutus and slowly brought the billhook in his hand down on Brutus.

As Kai was doing that, the blade’s glint intensified and enveloped the entire Rock Village.
The blade’s glint was so majestic that it was crushing on Brutus like a mountain.

Brutus could run as quickly as he liked, but it was impossible for him to escape from the massive area the blade’s glint had covered.

Upon sensing the powerful glint, Brutus knew he couldn’t escape, so he halted in his tracks. With a ferocious look in his gaze, he uttered, “You’re rather cocky, aren’t you, brat? Did you think you could kill someone from Emerald Cauldron Sect that easily?”

With that, Brutus whipped out a token and dripped a drop of blood essence onto it. Suddenly, the token began to glow and formed a shield above Brutus’ head.

All the disciples in Emerald Cauldron Sect had a life-saving token that they could use in the face of imminent danger. After all, as a sect that focused primarily on alchemy, Emerald Cauldron Sect was the best at it. Hence, it was no surprise every disciple in the sect was given such a token.


The blade’s glint struck the shield, and a cracking sound rang out. A second later, the shield shattered, and the blade’s glint vanished.

Be that as it may, the shockwave of the blade’s glint had formed ravines and cut down the trees in the area around Brutus. One could only imagine how strong the attack was.

After Kai pulled off that move, the billhook in his grip gave way and turned to dust. Evidently, an ordinary weapon like that could never withstand the mightiness of the Power of Dragons.
Brutus guffawed when he saw that Kai’s billhook had turned to dust. “Haha! I have a life-saving token! There’s nothing you can do to me! You can’t kill me!”

The villagers in Rock Village were livid when they heard Brutus laughing out loud.

Kai, with his icy expression, stared at Brutus and approached him. “I said it before, but I’m going to say it again. I can kill you with a wooden stick.”
With that, Kai casually picked up a tree branch.

Brutus was enraged when he saw Kai picking up a tree branch as his weapon.

“Brat, I know I’m no match for you, but I’m still an alchemist!” Brutus shouted and threw a handful of red powder toward Kai. The red powder spread in the air and surrounded Kai.

“This is Erosion Powder! Once it touches your skin, your skin will decay instantly! If you inhale it, your organs will rot!” A smug expression spread across Brutus’ face. Emerald Cauldron Sect is undoubtedly the best at utilizing drugs!

The villagers in Rock Village grew worried when they saw Brutus using poisonous powder to fight Kai.

At the same time, Emily and Percy were so nervous that they both held their breaths. Is Kai in danger?

“Erosion Powder? What a nice name!” Kai held the tree branch and slowly walked out from the cloud of red powder.

Brutus was in disbelief. He gazed at Kai and asked, “How? How are you not poisoned?”

“Well, I’ve forgotten to tell you that I’m also an alchemist. As a matter of fact, I think I’m way better than you bunch in the field of alchemy!”

After Kai finished speaking, he suddenly swung the tree branch in his grip.


The crisp slap echoed in the air, and a deep line appeared on Brutus’ right cheek, causing it to swell immediately.

Brutus held his right cheek and glared at Kai. Afterward, the former took out all sorts of poisons and threw them toward Kai.


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