The Mans Decree Chapter 2578

Chapter 2578 Die

Brutus ended up throwing all the poisons he had at Kai. I’m sure one of these is going to kill Kai!

However, Kai didn’t bother dodging. Instead, he was casually beating Brutus up with the tree branch in his hand.
A few minutes later, Brutus had used up all the poisons he had, and Kai was still standing upright and unharmed.
On the other hand, Brutus’ clothes were in rags, and his body was filled with injuries inflicted by Kai.
“It’s time to kill you…” Kai glanced at the heavily wounded Brutus and lifted the tree branch into the air once again.

At that moment, Brutus knew Kai could easily kill him with the tree branch.

Right when Kai was about to end Brutus for good, Percy called out, “Kai!”
Kai turned toward Percy, and the latter asked, “Kai, could you please leave him to me? I would like to kill him myself and avenge the villagers!”
Kai nodded, lifted Brutus up by the collar, and jumped into the square in Rock Village.
After that, Kai kicked and broke both Brutus’ legs to prevent the latter from escaping.
In the square, Brutus was on his knees with his head lowered. Obviously, he was no longer as haughty as before.

“Kill him! Kill him!” the villagers in Rock Village shouted angrily because the corpses of the villagers Brutus had murdered a few days prior were placed beside the square.
Percy took an axe from a fellow villager and walked up to Brutus.

All of a sudden, Antonio blocked Percy’s path and warned, “You can’t kill him, Percy. If Brutus is murdered by a villager from Rock Village, Emerald Cauldron Sect will definitely come after Rock Village. Even if Kai were to kill Brutus today, Rock Village would still be in danger.”
As soon as those words fell, Percy was stumped, and the rest of the villagers fell silent and lowered their heads at once. Mr. Antonio is right. We can take revenge and kill Brutus, but he’s backed by Emerald Cauldron Sect. Rock Village doesn’t stand a chance against Emerald Cauldron Sect.

“Haha! I’m a disciple of Emerald Cauldron Sect, and they’re backing me! If you kill me, Emerald Cauldron Sect will kill everyone in Rock Village!” Brutus’ confidence grew when he heard Antonio’s words. They don’t have the guts to kill me because they fear Emerald Cauldron Sect!
Although the villagers of Rock Village were enraged when they heard Brutus’ overbearing words, they didn’t dare to utter a single word.
Percy’s face flushed bright red, and his hands were trembling. Feeling helpless, he cast Kai a glance.

Kai then suddenly whipped the corners of Brutus’ mouth with the tree branch, breaking the latter’s jaw in the process. Just like that, Brutus lost the ability to make a sound.

“Mr. Antonio, do you trust me?” Kai glanced at Antonio.

“Well, of course! I trust you!” Antonio replied.

“If you trust me, let Percy kill that man. After that, I can guarantee that Emerald Cauldron Sect will never seek revenge on Rock Village,” Kai assured.
“Why is that?” Antonio asked in puzzlement.
“That’s because Emerald Cauldron Sect’s days in Ethereal Realm are numbered…” Kai said with his eyes full of determination.

Antonio was surprised to hear that. However, he trembled slightly when he noticed the determined look in Kai’s eyes. “Wait… Are you going to…”
Antonio didn’t finish his sentence, but he knew exactly what Kai meant.

Therefore, Antonio stepped aside and uttered, “Go on, Percy!”
Percy was over the moon when he heard that. With the axe in his hand, he dashed toward Brutus.

Brutus’ eyes were filled with fear as he stared at Percy’s axe. The former then struggled for his life, but he could neither move an inch nor make a sound.

“Die! You animal!” Percy gritted his teeth and widened his eyes as he mercilessly swung his axe toward Brutus’ head.

In the next moment, Brutus’ head was broken in half, and blood and brain matter instantly splattered all over the ground.

“We’ve taken revenge! We’ve taken revenge!” Percy yelled and waved his axe in the air.

The villagers in Rock Village cheered out loud, and some of them even vented their anger on Brutus’ corpse.


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