The Mans Decree Chapter 2579

Chapter 2579 Lies
Meanwhile, in Emerald Cauldron Sect, Francois was standing before his master, Hosen Holt. The former was feeling guilty, so his legs were trembling slightly.
“Are you saying that Brutus has Grus Divina, and he’ll come back with it in two days’ time?” Hosen asked.
“Yes, Master. You asked to see me urgently, so I didn’t get to meet up with Brutus. However, Brutus told me he was coming back with Grus Divina within the next three days!” Francois told a lie because he didn’t dare to tell his master that someone else had gotten Grus Divina. If I tell Master the truth, he’ll punish me!

While looking at his disciple, Hosen suddenly laughed out loud. A sense of foreboding rose within Francois when he saw Hosen laughing.

The smile on Hosen’s face vanished in the next second, and it was replaced by a grim look when he delivered a tight slap across Francois’ face.

“How dare you lie to me? Isn’t it true that someone else has taken Grus Divina?” Hosen thundered.
Francois froze momentarily and asked in bewilderment, “Master, h-how did you know?”

“How? I saw it with my own eyes! In fact, Grus Divina was made into a pill before my eyes! The two of you are utter idiots! You couldn’t even get your hands on Grus Divina! What a bunch of trash! You’re worthless to me!” Hosen fumed, and he wanted to kill Francois there and then. I wouldn’t have lost the bet if Kai hadn’t harvested Grus Divina. I even had to kneel before him!
“Master… I-It was my fault… I-I’m sorry…” Francois knelt before Hosen and assured, “Don’t worry, Master. We’ve already located the man who harvested the mystical herb. Once he returns to the village, Brutus will capture him. He shouldn’t have snatched with Emerald Cauldron Sect! Death awaits that man!”

Francois thought Brutus was more than capable of defeating Kai.

However, Francois was slapped once again as soon as he finished talking.

“Capture? Brutus is dead!” Hosen tossed a shattered token onto the ground and continued, “Brutus had already used his life-saving token. That means he’s dead! I believe Kai, who harvested Grus Divina, is an important man. I’m sure there’s a reason why King Yuven respects him that much.”

Hosen knew that Yuven would never respect a young man for no reason. Kai’s cultivation level isn’t high, but he has King Yuven’s respect. Surely, Kai has a strong background.
“Master, Kai is living in Rock Village. We’ve investigated him, but it seems like the villagers in Rock Village don’t know much about his background. I’ll pay Rock Village a visit. If I bump into that fellow, I’ll kill him and avenge Brutus!” Francois wanted to redeem himself, so he was determined to find out more about Kai’s identity.

Hosen mulled over it and nodded. “Bring Sigurd along. If you guys bump into Kai, bring him back to me instead of killing him. He has something we need!”

“Rest assured, Master. I’ll drag Kai back to see you.” Francois nodded and left.

After Francois left, Hosen looked out the window and fell into deep thought.
“That fellow is backed by King Yuven. If I want to attack him, I’m going to need backup,” Hosen muttered to himself and furrowed his brows.
A while later, his facial expression eased up, and he called out, “Guards!”
“How may I help you, Mr. Holt?” A disciple of the Emerald Cauldron Sect entered the room.
“Get the carriage ready. I’m going to Norwal City!” Hosen ordered.


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