The Mans Decree Chapter 2582

Chapter 2582 Demonic Aura
“Hurry, bring him to the bed…” Ira said to Emily and Percy.

The three of them looked at Kai, whose eyes were tightly closed, at a loss for what to do. Ira was consumed by anxiety, completely caught off guard by Kai’s fainting spell.

Meanwhile, at a monastery located hundreds of miles away from Rock Village, an elderly man draped in a robe, accompanied by two monks, directed his attention to the region engulfed by the veil of black mist.
“Why is there such a dense demonic aura emanating from that direction? Who dares to unveil their identity as a demon spirit now?” The elderly man furrowed his brows and waved his cane. “Let’s go and ascertain the identity of this audacious demon spirit who has revealed itself.”

The three figures disappeared.

They were the very same individuals who had been drawn by Kai’s presence when he wielded the Divine Bow upon his return from the Ethereal Realm to the mundane world. Now, it was Kai’s demonic aura that once again caught their attention.
Francois was en route to Rock Village when a startling scene unfolded before his eyes. “Sigurd, take a look at that. What on earth is happening there?” he exclaimed, taken aback.
Beside him was Hosen’s eldest disciple, Sigurd Brink.
Sigurd cast a quick glance in the direction of Rock Village and knitted his brows. “There’s a strong demonic aura. Could a demon spirit have emerged in Rock Village?”

“A demon spirit?” Francois’ surprise was evident. “Sigurd, it’s been years since we last encountered a demon spirit in the Ethereal Realm. They shouldn’t even exist here, no?”
“The demon spirits are just hiding in the shadows. There are numerous in the Ethereal Realm. Some have concealed their auras and hidden in the mountain villages, while others have taken refuge in the mountains. The emergence of a demon spirit in Rock Village indicates that something is amiss. Based on the intensity of the demonic aura, this demon spirit appears to be unusually strong!” Sigurd analyzed.

“We spent days in Rock Village but didn’t discover any demon spirits there. Unless—” something occurred to Francois as his eyes turned big— “Kai is a demon spirit?”
“That’s highly possible. Didn’t you say he’s been hiding his strength? He lives in Rock Village, but the villagers don’t know his identity. It’s possible that he’s a demon spirit who’s in hiding. Lady luck is on our side this time. If we successfully apprehend this Demonic Cultivator, we stand to gain a substantial amount of resources in return!”
Sigurd let out an icy chuckle as he quickened his pace.
When Francois and Sigurd arrived in Rock Village, Kai was still unconscious.
A sense of panic spread among the villagers when they caught sight of Francois’ return. Unfortunately, Kai was unconscious, and no one among them was a match for Francois.
“Grandma, members of Emerald Cauldron Sect have arrived. It’s likely they’ve come for revenge. What do we do? Kai is still unconscious,” Emily said anxiously.

“Emily, take Kai with you and hide. No matter what happens, don’t reveal yourself. Percy, protect Emily, okay?” Ira instructed them both.
“Don’t worry, Ms. Ira. I will protect Emily,” Percy said.

“Grandma, what are you doing?” Emily asked.
“The members of Emerald Cauldron Sect are here, and they won’t give up easily this time. I’m going out to assess the situation. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.”

With that, Ira headed out without looking back.
Right then, Francois and Sigurd had already entered Rock Village. No one could stop them.

“Where is Kai Chance? I want to see him now,” Francois demanded loudly, unleashing an attack that sent several villagers flying backward.

It was a simple punch, but the villagers died on the spot.


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