The Mans Decree Chapter 2585

Chapter 2585 Do Not Kill Innocent People
Fearing that they would find Kai, Ira yelled at the top of her voice, “There are no more Demonic Cultivators here! That demonic aura came from me!”
Infinides kept quiet and glanced at the monk behind him. The monk whipped out a bottle made of nephrite and pointed it at Ira. A golden light came out of the bottle and shone on Ira, sucking her into the bottle instantly.
Francois and Sigurd felt a little disappointed when they saw Infinides capture the Demonic Cultivator they had found, but they didn’t dare say a word about it.
“Abbot Infinides, there must be more Demonic Cultivators here in this village. You have to find them!” Sigurd said.

As they firmly believed that Kai was a Demonic Cultivator, he was hoping that Infinides would help them catch him.

Infinides nodded and waved his hand gently in the air, shrouding the sky above Rock Village with a gentle, white light.

The white light came down upon the villagers, producing a soothing sensation as it passed through their bodies.
If it came into contact with a Demonic Cultivator, however, it would cause the individual agonizing pain. The light would flicker around them, so there would be no way for them to hide their identity as a Demonic Cultivator.
As the light passed through the roof and touched Emily and Percy, they felt a warm sensation course through their bodies.
Kai, who was lying unconscious on the bed, showed no response when the light came into contact with him. Apparently, a power inside his body was absorbing the white light.
Infinides pulled his hand back after a while and said with a frown, “There are no more Demonic Cultivators here in Rock Village, but I am certain the demonic aura did not come from that elderly woman. It would appear that he has gone into hiding because he knew people would hunt him down after he exposed himself. He must have left this elderly woman here to help take the fall. And here I thought I would finally be able to catch a powerful Demonic Cultivator, only to have my efforts be in vain…”
He let out a huge sigh and got ready to leave the village.
Francois and Sigurd, too, were confused and began wondering if Kai had left Rock Village. After all, there was no way Infinides would have failed to detect his presence if he were still here.

“You two are allowed to get your revenge, but do not kill innocent people!” Infinides reminded them before leaving.
“Understood, Abbot Infinides!” they replied respectfully in unison.

After Infinides left, Francois and Sigurd glanced at the villagers one final time before leaving as well. They didn’t dare disobey Infinides’ orders to spare the innocent, so there was nothing they could do except leave Rock Village.
“What should we do, Sigurd? Where should we find Kai if he has escaped?” Francois asked.
Sigurd narrowed his eyes and replied, “I don’t think he has escaped. I believe he’s still hiding in Rock Village.”
“If that’s the case, we should head back to Rock Village and find him!”

“And how do we do that? There’s no way we can know where Kai is if those villagers are determined to help hide him! Now that we aren’t allowed to hurt them, there’s nothing much we can do!” Sigurd said with a gloomy look on his face.
“What do we do, then? We can’t just head back like this, can we? Master will get mad at us if we fail to capture Kai!” Francois said anxiously.

“I have my ways. Abbot Infinides said we’re not allowed to kill innocent people, but he didn’t say anything about having someone else kill them. Who do you think has a grudge against Rock Village?” Sigurd said with a faint smile.
“Cyan Village?”

“Correct. We’ll head over to Cyan Village and get them to kill the villagers of Rock Village. That way, we’ll be able to keep our hands clean. Kai will surely be forced to come out of hiding to protect them!” Sigurd said with a vicious look in his eyes, then made his way toward Cyan Village.


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