The Mans Decree Chapter 2761

Chapter 2761 Melt The Chains

Right as Kai and the trio came to the door of the front cabin, the Stellaris Sect members who were chatting stopped them.

“What are you doing? Head back to your seats!” one of them said sternly. “We’d like to have a tour of the front cabin. Is that all right?” Kai asked, smiling.

“No. Passengers aren’t allowed in the front cabin, so go back to your seats,” the Stellaris Sect member said with a shake of his head. “Well, let’s head back, then…” Kai mumbled as he cast a discreet look at the Three Bandits.

The moment the trio saw that, they swiftly made their moves and knocked out the few Stellaris Sect members. As they made no sound, they did not alert the other passengers to what they had done, except for the two elderly individuals, of course. “Do we stop them?” the elderly woman asked.

“Not yet. Let’s see what these people are up to. Our sect’s airship has never been robbed since the sect’s establishment centuries ago. It looks like we’ve hit the jackpot today. If we resolve this flawlessly, we’ll surely be rewarded well upon our return,” the elderly man said.

As it turned out, these two people were the elders of Stellaris Sect, and both were cultivators at Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm. They were disguised as normal passengers to keep an eye on the movement within the airship.

Meanwhile, after the members of Stellaris Sect were incapacitated, Kai went forward and placed his hand gently on the door, then opened it with a slight push. Once they were inside, Kai spotted the bodies of the dead Stellaris Sect members and furrowed his brows.

He had never thought that the Three Bandits would kill the members of Stellaris Sect. He simply wanted to release the wyverns; he did not want to take lives and make Stellaris Sect bear a grudge against him.

Nevertheless, it was too late to regret it. There was nothing Kai could say about it either, for he was the one who had sent the Three Bandits to the front cabin.

Now that he was inside, he could see how the wyverns were pulling the airship with much effort. The wounds on them were apparent.

Then, he saw the thick iron chains tying the wyverns and the airship together. When the scene registered in his head, Kai leaped up and walked down one of the chains to a wyvern.

When the wyvern sensed Kai’s presence, it shuddered and started roaring. Kai quickly unleashed his Power of Dragons and consoled the wyvern, “Don’t be scared. I’m here to save you.”

Sensing Kai’s Power of Dragons and hearing his consolation made the wyvern calm down instantaneously. Kai began studying the glimmering chain as he stood on the wyvern’s broad back. He was in a bit of a bind.

If he wanted to break the chains, he would have to use a sharp weapon like Dragonslayer Sword. However, he might accidentally hurt the wyverns with his Dragonslayer Sword.

But if he did not use the sword, he would have to resort to breaking the arcane array slowly. That would be too time- consuming.

Just as Kai was at a loss for ideas, Faiyar, who was in his mind, said, Mr. Chance, you can use demonic fire to melt the chains.

His words were a revelation that dawned upon Kai. He had the demonic fire in his body, but it was simply something he could never recall using. In the next instance, Kai crouched. down before summoning a ball of flame in his right palm.

The steel chain glowed red in no time as Kai gripped the chain, and the ripples on the surface had grown more intense.

Soon, the ripples were gone, and the thick chain was melting. The second the chain broke, the wyvern was free. It soared away but was quick to return. Clearly, it was excited.


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