The Mans Decree Chapter 2762

Chapter 2762 Fall From The Sky

The gratitude was evident in its eyes. Kai made swift moves to rescue the other two wyverns in the same manner. Upon regaining their freedom, the wyverns flapped their wings, surrounding Kai. They howled as though they were thanking him.

“Hurry up and get out of here,” Kai urged, waving his hand. Understanding what Kai was telling them, the wyverns nodded and soared into the clouds. A smile appeared on Kai’s face.

He did not know that his actions of that day would allow him to gain the assistance of the wyvern monarch in the future. Still, that was a story for later. After rescuing the wyverns, Kai returned to the front cabin.

The airship had begun descending when the wyverns escaped, and it was shaking terribly too.

“What’s going on?”

“What happened?”

“What’s the matter?”

Many passengers were startled by the vigorous shaking. Even the two elders from Stellaris Sect were dumbfounded. They could not tell what Kai’s group had done after they entered the front cabin. They quickly jumped to their feet and rushed toward the cabin. Upon entering the room, they were stunned.

The disciples of Stellaris Sect in the front cabin had been slaughtered, and the three wyverns that should have been pulling the airship were gone. Without the wyverns, the airship was falling steadily.

“How dare you release the wyverns?” the elderly men bellowed. They had never expected Kai’s group to enter the front cabin to release the wyverns instead of hijacking the airship.

If they had known that, they would have stopped them. “Who are you?” Kai questioned the two elderly people.

“Hmph! We’re the elders of Stellaris Sect, assigned to this airship to guard it. I can’t believe you fearless fools would dare to release our wyverns!”

The elderly man’s face was purple from rage. He had thought himself wise earlier when he stopped the elderly woman from intercepting Kai’s group.

If news of this incident were to travel back to Stellaris Sect, not only would he lose his title as an elder, but he might even lose his life. Kai finally realized why those two had been discreetly watching the Three Bandits earlier.

Still, it was too late. Kai knew that he could not hide this forever, so he chose to come clean. “How could you abuse the wyverns for your personal gains? You must be seeking death!”

“You’re the one courting death!” The elderly man prepared to strike Kai down. Right then, there was a rumbling sound.

Another wave of tremors shook the airship. The airship had crashed against a mountain, and the entire aircraft was about to be dismantled. “Run!” Kai shouted as a ball of light burst out of his body and shot upward, piercing the ceiling of the airship.

The Three Bandits quickly fled to the outside of the airship through that hole as well. The two elderly individuals no longer dared to fight against Kai as escape became their priority. In the blink of an eye, chaos ensued as people frantically escaped the airship.

Just as everyone fled the airship, it crashed into the valley and exploded. Fortunately, the passengers were all high- level cultivators, so they escaped mostly unscathed. Nevertheless, some had just experienced the fright of their lives. Once Viola escaped with the others and found Kai, she quickly asked, “Kai, are you all right?”

“I’m fine,” Kai said. “What’s going on? Where are the Stellaris Sect members?”

“What in the world are the people of Stellaris Sect doing? How did this airship fall from the sky?”

“I have something urgent to attend to! If I’m held up by this, there’s no way I’m going to spare Stellaris Sect!”

Everyone was cursing at Stellaris Sect, unaware that Kai was the source of the crash.


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