The Mans Decree Chapter 2763

Chapter 2763 Defied The Beliefs Of Everyone

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Tyrone Stone, an elder of Stellaris Sect. I’m responsible for ensuring the safety of the airship in secret for the duration of the flight this time. The airship only plummeted and crashed because someone furtively freed the three wyverns. On behalf of Stellaris Sect, I deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused.”

Tyrone Stone tried his best to minimize the aftermath of the incident this time. After all, this happened because of him. He would be doomed if someone from among the crowd were to take it up with Stellaris Sect. “Someone furtively freed the wyverns? Who was the ballsy culprit?”

“Exactly! Is the culprit looking down on us to free the wyverns during the flight?” “Who exactly was it, Mr. Stone? Point him out!”

As soon as the crowd heard that, they clamored for the man to single the culprit out. Pointing at Kai, Tyrone declared, “He was the one who sneaked into the front cabin and freed the three wyverns. But rest assured that I’ll give you all an explanation for this.”

He stalked toward Kai with a dark look on his face. In his eyes, the latter’s cultivation level was merely that of Second Level Body Fusion Realm and could never be his match.

The same went for those around Kai, with the exception of Ghaylen, who had attained Third Level Body Fusion Realm. Even if they were to join hands against him, they would be no match for him. Unbeknownst to him, it would be a piece of cake if Kai wanted to kill him despite his cultivation level.

After all, Kai was already capable of killing a cultivator at Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm back when he was at the first level. Tyrone, who had reached Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm, was merely courting death to go over to take the man’s life when he had already broken through to the second level then.

“We’ve got to be careful, Mr. Chance,” Yuven whispered into Kai’s ear. “There’s nothing to fear about a cultivator at Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm.”

Kai was not afraid of Tyrone. “That’s not what I meant, Mr. Chance. I checked earlier, and we’re currently in Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks’ territory. There’s a possibility that all of us might not be able to get out of here alive,” . Yuven clarified in a low voice.

Kai knitted his brows. It had never crossed his mind that the time he had chosen to save the wyverns would coincide with them crash-landing in Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks’ territory. However, it seemed that everyone else was still unaware of the danger.

When Tyrone noticed the furrow of Kai’s brows, he thought that the latter was afraid of him. He snorted coldly and stated, “It won’t do you any good even if you regret it now, kid. Since you dared to free Stellaris Sect’s wyverns, be prepared to head to your death!”

He shot his hand out at Kai. The blow carried an infinite shockwave, blasting forward like a tsunami. His attack was swift and precise. On top of that, his aura carried a faint fragrance.

Kai’s eyes narrowed a fraction. He knew the man was not only attacking him but had also tossed some poison out while at that. Fortunately, he was impervious to poison. He was unafraid. He casually swung his hand out, and it collided with Tyrone’s forcefully.

Bang! The instant their palms collided, a ball of red powder scattered into the air following the tremendous fluctuation of aura.

On the heels of that blow, Tyrone uncontrollably reeled, stumbling several steps back before he regained his balance.

Contrarily, Kai remained motionless, his expression unchanged. It was as though he did not use the entirety of his strength earlier.

The crowd was wholly surprised since Tyrone was a cultivator at Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm, and they also had a rough idea of Kai’s cultivation.

The gap in the two men’s capabilities was significant, yet the blow earlier had defied everyone’s beliefs. Despite being at Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm, Tyrone was sent staggering back effortlessly with a single strike from Kai.


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