The Mans Decree Chapter 2764

Chapter 2764 Gang Up On Someone

Tyrone gaped at Kai in shock. Incredulity was etched across his features. He had been of the opinion that it would be child’s play for him to deal with someone like the latter since he was at Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm. Unexpectedly, he was sent stumbling back with a single strike from Kai.

Right then, his stupefaction was overshadowed by shame. A crowd had bore witness to him, an elder of Stellaris Sect, being repelled by an obscure junior. That was a downright humiliation to Stellaris Sect.

The expression of the old woman beside him changed as well. She shot daggers at .Kai and snarled, “How dare you conceal your capabilities and play us for a fool here, kid!”

She was convinced that Kai’s cultivation level was definitely not as it seemed on the surface, and he must have concealed his capabilities. Otherwise, he could never have sent Tyrone staggering back with a single blow.

The Three Bandits behind Kai were the most shocked among everyone there, for they knew Tyrone’s capabilities. The average person could never defeat a cultivator like him easily.

Anyway, they were not Tyrone’s match. If it were not because they had teleportation abilities and were exceedingly crafty as they made a living by stealing all year round, they would have long since died at the hands of Stellaris Sect.

Seeing Kai effortlessly repelling Tyrone then, they were inwardly relieved that they had chosen to follow the man at that time.

“I’m not concealing my capabilities. The cultivation level you see is my true capability right now. Besides, I don’t need to play the lot of you as fools. Considering your capabilities, there’s no need for me to do so!” Kai retorted with disdain written all over his face.

“You’re gutsy indeed that you dare go against Stellaris Sect, kid. No matter your cultivation level, we will never allow the matter of you freeing our wyverns to slide today!” After saying that, the old woman turned to Tyrone. “Let’s attack together, Tyrone. I don’t believe that we’re still not his match even if we team up.”

Tyrone nodded. Subsequently, a terrifying aura burst forth from them both and swept toward Kai to engulf him. That had Viola’s and Ghaylen’s expressions turn chilly. They immediately made to step forward to lend Kai a hand. Before they could do so, the Three Bandits leaped to Kai’s front.

“Do you two have no shame, Tyrone? Never mind that you pick on the weak as an elder of Stellaris Sect, but you even want to gang up on someone now? Is this the way things are done in Stellaris Sect?” Crixus bellowed at Tyrone contemptuously.

“Exactly! Is Stellaris Sect without shame? You two elders have an affair at the sect and now you’re secretly protecting the airship together. I think you’re not protecting the airship, but you’re doing it so that you two can spend more time together,” Juan chimed in loudly.

When the allegation of Tyrone and the old woman having an affair rang out, the people in question flushed bright red. It made it obvious that the claim was true, as evidenced by their reaction.

“Listen, Tyrone. We’ve got photographic proof of you carrying on with this old biddy. Don’t think that no one knows just because you two have been keeping it on the sly. The three of us have spied on you both several times. Shall I play the video for you in front of everyone now?” Salazar added. Tyrone’s fury blazed into an inferno.

“You trio deserve to die! Today, I’m going to do the public a service and kill the Three Bandits!” With rage blazing in his eyes, he attacked the Three Bandits.

Kai knew that the Three Bandits were not Tyrone’s match. He wanted to put a halt to it, but Crixus stopped him from doing so, asserting, “Don’t worry about it, Mr. Chance. We’ve got our own way to deal with him. Otherwise, we would never have dared to steal in Stellaris Sect.”

Right after he said that, his body started flickering before disappearing into thin air. When he vanished, the same happened to the other two members of the Three Bandits.

Tyrone was not surprised at their disappearance. He had long since known of their methods.


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