The Mans Decree Chapter 2767

Right then, Kai was already approaching Hawk King Cave with the Three Bandits. He could even sense the immense force of lightning power in the cave that probably came from the heavenly thunder tree. Such force was far more terrifying than the lightning tribulation he had once experienced.

At that moment, his heart was already lodged in his throat. He was merely at Second Level Body Fusion Realm presently. He might not have a chance of survival even if he were to unleash every trick in his arsenal if he were to encounter someone of the cultivation level of Tribulator.

The Three Bandits had also broken into a cold sweat, for they had likewise perceived Thunderhawk’s might. It was already difficult for them to deal with the average Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk, so they would likely be dead in the blink of an eye if they were to face Thunderhawk.

Inhaling deeply, Kai again utilized a few charms and concealed their auras before slowly drawing near Hawk King Cave.

He had no idea that Thunderhawk was not in the cave. Even if Thunderhawk was in the cave, masking his aura would be of no use.

A Tribulator cultivator was entirely different from the average cultivator. When it was time to experience tribulation, each step of advancement was arduous and required a great deal of resources in preparation for the final sprint during the process.

There were hardly any cultivators who could pull through during tribulation. Many aspired for it their whole lives yet failed when the time came.

Nonetheless, all cultivators would return to their initial state after the tribulation period and sense their initial strength. Only those who pulled through could be considered true half- immortals.

They merely needed to improve their capabilities bit by bit while awaiting the day of ascension. Then, they would be no different from the average person. As Kai approached Hawk King Cave with the Three Bandits, Cameron was similarly leading the Nessers toward the same place.

In another direction, a number of cultivators. were also slowly drawing close to the cave. After all, the heavenly thunder fruit was too great a temptation. It was only natural that some were willing to risk their lives for it.

All of them were closing in on Hawk King Cave in concert. Everyone held their breaths and concealed their auras as much as possible. The instant they arrived at the mouth of the cave, however, they were all stunned. Bumping into each other, they stared at one another.

Kai swept his gaze over everyone, only to find that many were cultivators from the airship. Among them were Tyrone and the old woman. When Tyrone saw that Kai had dared to come to Hawk King Cave with the Three Bandits, fury promptly showed on his face..

Kai swung his gaze in another direction. He was greeted by the sight of a group of strangers, but judging from their clothes, they were probably from a family or sect.

But in the next heartbeat, he fixed his eyes on Chev with a slight frown. He could not shake off the feeling that the man was familiar. He seemed to have seen him somewhere but could not recall it right then.

Chev had also spotted Kai, and he likewise froze for a moment. He studied the latter for a long while. Still, he could not remember the man’s identity.

Kai had blended in with the villagers back then, so Chev had not paid much attention to him. “Those people are from the Nesser family, Mr. Chance. How unexpected that they’ve also come to Hawk King Cave,” Crixus whispered to Kai.

Having no recollection of the Nesser family and never having heard of them, Kai paid them little mind.

He was more concerned about Tyrone and the old woman, afraid that Tyrone would snap and attack them. If so, their auras would be completely exposed, and they would be discovered in no time.

“Mr. Stone.” While everyone was still dazed after bumping into each other, Cameron slowly walked toward Tyrone and greeted him. It was clear as day that the man recognized Tyrone.

“I never thought you’d also come to Hawk King Cave with your men, Mr. Nesser. Are you here for the heavenly thunder fruit as well?” Tyrone asked.

Flashing him a smile, Cameron drawled airily, “Aren’t you also here with so many people for the heavenly thunder fruit, Mr. Stone?”


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