The Mans Decree Chapter 2770

It was clear that Thunderhawk had left this Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk to guard the cave before he left. It only appeared when someone had attempted to steal the heavenly thunder fruit.

The Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk let out a loud shriek, and the Hawk King Cave trembled violently. At the other end of Hawk King Cave, countless Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks swarmed out.

“Damn it!” Kai cursed under his breath before turning to flee the scene. Fighting against the sheer number of Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks in the Hawk King Cave was clearly a bad decision as he couldn’t unleash his strength to the maximum.

When the Three Bandits saw Kai making his escape, they quickly teleported out of the cave. Cameron was shocked to see so many Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks in front of his eyes.

He only regained his composure and led the rest to flee the scene when Chev screamed out loud. Thunderhawk might not be around, but he had obviously made arrangements for the valuable items to be guarded.

Shriek! The piercing shrieks resonated in the sky, and a violent aura burst forth from Hawk King Cave. The Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks flew out of Hawk King Cave.

Tyrone and the others who were waiting outside the cave were dumbfounded at the sight of the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks.

They quickly regained their composure and grabbed their weapons to kill the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks. Some arcane array masters even started setting up arcane arrays to get rid of the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks.

Seeing that, Kai stopped escaping and directed a demonic fire into the arcane array. The flame soared into the sky. With the help of the demonic fire, the arcane array managed to kill the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks.

Thunderhawk wasn’t around, but Kai knew that they had to kill all the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks in order to get the heavenly thunder fruit.

The Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk at Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm didn’t step out of Hawk King Cave and stood guard beside the heavenly thunder tree.

Bloodthirsty Thunderhawks kept flying out of the cave, and other demon beasts also made their way to the scene from different directions.

In this instant, a cacophony of roars from the beasts and cries from human cultivators echoed ceaselessly throughout the area.

Tyrone might hold a grudge against Kai, but at this moment, they focused on killing the demon beasts and didn’t find fault with each other.

Everyone knew that if they couldn’t kill these demon beasts, it would be hard for them to leave this place alive.

The carcasses of demon beasts were scattered all over the ground. The demon beasts stood guard at the entrance of the cave to stop Kai and the rest from entering.

However, the demon beasts were clearly weaker. As the fight continued, the number of demon beasts declined. Suddenly, the earth shook, and the massive Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk emerged from the cave. An intense aura radiated from its form.

Fury danced in the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk’s eyes. Its feathers gradually took on a reddish hue. After letting out an ear-splitting shriek, the creature headed straight for the crowd. Its terrifying aura sent some cultivators with low cultivation levels flying backward.

If Kai hadn’t protected the Three Bandits, they would’ve been sent flying by the terrifying. aura as well. Tyrone’s expression turned grim. “A. Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk at Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm? Is this Thunderhawk?”

He was no match for a Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk this strong. As a cultivator at Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm, he was merely courting death if he were to go against the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk.

“This isn’t Thunderhawk. Thunderhawk isn’t this weak,” Cameron said. Tyrone’s face paled when he learned that Thunderhawk was way stronger than this creature.

“Retreat!” Tyrone and the elderly woman retreated immediately as they knew they were no match for this demon beast.


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