The Mans Decree Chapter 2771

Seeing Tyrone take the lead in retreating, everyone else did the same. They had no idea that Thunderhawk wasn’t in the cave.

This Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk wasn’t Thunderhawk but was already at Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm. It could only mean that Thunderhawk was at least a Tribulator. The cultivators retreated even more swiftly.

Cameron was dumbfounded to see Tyrone retreating with the cultivators. He was just about to tell Tyrone that Thunderhawk wasn’t in the cave.

Before Cameron could explain everything, Tyrone had already spun on his heels and fled. After Tyrone departed, the Nesser family was left behind to face the demon beasts alone. Cameron did not care about Kai and the other three as their cultivation levels were too low.

“Dad, what should we do?” Chev asked. “Let’s retreat for now,” Cameron answered. He wasn’t confident in defeating the demon beasts with his family members as they were outnumbered.

If the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk didn’t exist, Cameron could try to get rid of the other demon beasts, but now, they didn’t have the courage to give it a try.

Cameron also began to retreat with the Nesser family. Seeing them leave, Kai and the Three Bandits retreated as well. The heavenly thunder fruit was valuable, but their lives were even more important.

The colossal Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk extended its wings and ascended into the sky. As it flapped its wings, several feathers came off and shot like sharp blades at the retreating cultivators.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

The feathers pierced through a few cultivators’ chests, and they collapsed to the ground. Tyrone frowned at the sight of the cultivators dropping to the ground. They were too slow to escape from the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk’s clutches.

“Everyone, stop running. The Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk is too quick. If we continue running, we’ll all be killed!” Tyrone quickly stopped everyone from escaping after realizing that escaping was futile.

Tyrone and the rest stopped running. Cameron and his family quickly caught up to them. “Mr. Stone, Stellaris Sect is quick at escaping, huh?” Cameron snapped unhappily.

Tyrone retorted, “Mr. Nesser, what are you talking about? This Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk is at Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm, and it’s already hard for us to go against it. If Thunderhawk shows up, we’ll all be eaten up by the demon beasts!”

“Who told you that Thunderhawk is in that cave? He’s in Jipsdale. I only came to Hawk King Cave after receiving the news. If he was around, I wouldn’t have dared to come here!” Cameron said.

Displeased, Tyrone said, “Why didn’t you inform us from the start that Thunderhawk wasn’t here? Were you intending to venture into Hawk King Cave on your own to seize the heavenly thunder fruit?”

Tyrone had been afraid that Thunderhawk was around, so he had told Cameron to head into Hawk King Cave first.

If he had known Thunderhawk wasn’t around, he would’ve been the first to enter Hawk King Cave with his men. After all, the first ones to enter Hawk King Cave would definitely have an edge over the rest.

Cameron felt embarrassed. Tyrone was right, for he had intended to get all the heavenly thunder fruits for himself.

“Mr. Stone, now isn’t the time to fight. We need to work together to defeat this Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk at Eight Level Body Fusion Realm. As long as we eliminate it, we won’t have to worry about anything else,” he quickly said.

“Mr. Nesser, you’re the sole cultivator among us at Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm capable of facing the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk. The others are, at most, at the seventh level. If we managed to slay the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk and secure the heavenly thunder fruits, would you be willing to share some with us?” Tyrone asked, his tone tinged with uncertainty.


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