The Mans Decree Chapter 2772

“Of course. What kind of person do you think I am? Besides, the heavenly thunder tree is full of heavenly thunder fruits. I believe there are hundreds of them. You can each get one,” Cameron said confidently as he patted his chest.

Cameron knew that Tyrone and the like didn’t get to enter Hawk King Cave and had no idea how many heavenly thunder fruits were there on the tree.

He mentioned this strategically, aiming for Tyrone and the others to believe there was an abundance of heavenly thunder fruits, hoping they would agree to assist him without hesitation.

As expected, Tyrone relaxed upon hearing that there was an abundance of heavenly thunder fruit available. “All right, then. We’ll work hard to kill all those demon beasts and head in to get the heavenly thunder fruits.”

After striking a deal, both parties combined forces and charged toward the demon beasts. Cameron chose to fight against the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk at Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm.

“Mr. Chance, what about us?” the Three Bandits asked. “Find a way to get near the entrance of the cave. If the demon beasts are all killed, the Nesser family will never share the heavenly thunder fruits,” Kai replied.

Kai planned to sneak into Hawk King Cave amidst the chaos and get the heavenly thunder fruits for himself. When Cameron told Tyrone there were hundreds of heavenly thunder fruits, he immediately knew that Cameron wasn’t going to share the fruits with anyone.

In reality, there were only ten heavenly thunder fruits available, making it impossible for everyone to acquire a share.

Holding Dragonslayer Sword, Kai led the Three Bandits toward the cave, slaying everything that stood in their path. No one paid attention to Kai and the Three Bandits.

Another fight ensued within the forest. However, this time, the human cultivators obviously had the upper hand. Taking on the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk at Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm might pose at challenge for Cameron, but he wouldn’t succumb easily.

Once they managed to eliminate the other. demon beasts, they could then unite their strengths to take down the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk. This strategy would undoubtedly prove more feasible.

Kai kept swinging his sword and successfully killed a few demon beasts. After reaching the entrance of the cave, Kai and the Three Bandits immediately charged inside.

They had been inside previously, so they instantly made their way to the heavenly. thunder tree. To their surprise, they found two figures inside.

Kai hid himself before taking a good look at the figures, who turned out to be Tyrone and the old woman. They had also sneaked into Hawk King Cave amidst the chaos. It was clear Tyrone didn’t trust Cameron and had chosen to enter the cave himself.

“D*mn it! Cameron really lied to me. There are only ten heavenly thunder fruits on the heavenly thunder tree!” Tyrone said with a frown as he gazed at the fruits on the tree.

“Tyrone, we should take the chance to pick the heavenly thunder fruits and sneak away since they are busy fighting outside. If our sect leader finds out we’ve successfully stolen the heavenly thunder fruits, we won’t be blamed for losing the wyverns!” the old woman said.

“Okay. Let me pick the heavenly thunder fruits now,” Tyrone agreed with a nod. Without hesitation, he leaped into the air.

Rumble! Just as Tyrone was about to make contact with the heavenly thunder fruit, the heavenly thunder tree abruptly discharged a bolt of lightning that struck his body.

His body was sent crashing to the ground.

“Tyrone!” The old woman quickly went over to check on him. Tyrone’s face was grim as blood trickled down the corner of his lips. It was clear that the lightning bolt had struck him heavily.

Tyrone got to his feet and coughed violently. Surprised filled his eyes as he asked, “Is there an arcane array on this heavenly thunder tree? Why is there lightning?

“This heavenly thunder tree was formed after being struck by lightning and absorbing its energy. Therefore, it possesses lightning power. There’s no requirement for any arcane array!” Kai said, stepping forward with the Three Bandits.

“It’s you?” Tyrone was filled with fury when he saw Kai and the Three Bandits.


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