The Mans Decree Chapter 2773

Tyrone was hurt, and Kai knew the old woman wasn’t his match. He sneered, “Yes, it’s me. I had no idea you’d sneak into the cave. If the Nesser family finds out you want the heavenly thunder fruits for yourself, what will they think?”

Kai knew Cameron would definitely fly into a rage if he were to find out that Tyrone had lied to him. Cameron could easily slap Tyrone to death.

“Ha! You sneaked into the cave too, didn’t you? Cameron had no intention of sharing the fruits equally among us. He deceived me. There are only ten fruits, not a hundred. Even if we manage to defeat the Bloodthirsty Hawk, he won’t distribute the fruits fairly. It’s in your best interest to step away from my affairs and leave. In return, I won’t pursue the matter of you releasing my three wyverns. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if I take action,” Tyrone threatened.

“You?” Kai let out an icy snort. “Even when you weren’t injured, you weren’t a match for me. Now that you’re hurt, do you genuinely believe you can overpower me? Even if I walk away, you won’t be able to attain that heavenly thunder fruit. You got struck by the lightning, didn’t you?”

“That isn’t your business. If you refuse to leave, we’ll join forces to kill you,” the old woman. piped up right then.

Despite Tyrone’s injuries, he remained a cultivator at Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm. The elderly woman was also at the same level. She couldn’t accept the idea that they weren’t a match for Kai, who was merely a cultivator at Second Level Body Fusion Realm.

As for the Three Bandits, they were merely sneaky thieves with no real abilities. Tyrone and the old woman didn’t think they posed a threat.

“Even if you both join forces, I am confident of making you grovel at my feet within three moves,” Kai declared confidently.

“Young man, are you sure you don’t want to leave? Do you want to make yourself an enemy of Stellaris Sect?” Tyrone knitted his brows as he glared at Kai.

“I have no intention of becoming an enemy of Stellaris Sect. My sole interest lies in the heavenly thunder fruits. If you both leave now, I can spare your lives,” Kai replied calmly. “Young man, you’re asking for it!”

The old woman was entirely furious. She turned to Tyrone and said, “Tyrone, let’s not waste time with him. Let’s take him out.”

With that, she leaped into the air with a long sword in her hands..

Lights shot toward Kai. Kai remained unusually calm when the old woman came at him with a sword. “You’re not my match in a sword fight,” he said.

Kai swung his right hand, summoning Dragonslayer Sword. He infused the sword with the Power of Dragons, and it emitted a resounding dragon roar accompanied by a golden glow..

Crack! The old woman blanched in horror. She quickly retreated at least a dozen meters before halting in her tracks.

She glanced at her sword to realize that it had already cracked, leaving only the hilt in her hands. There was a long wound on her chest, and blood was oozing out.

The old woman’s expression turned as dark as thunder. She knew that Kai had held back. If he had unleashed his full power, she would’ve been killed by his attack.

Tyrone could barely hide his surprise. After all, the old woman was known for her swordsmanship in Stellaris Sect. However, Kai had merely used one move to defeat her.

They had no idea that Kai had reached the pinnacle of swordsmanship..


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