The Mans Decree Chapter 2774

Had the sword spirit of Kai’s Dragonslayer Sword not been damaged, he wouldn’t even have to do anything. Zelda could have easily knocked the old woman back on her own.

After all, Zelda’s strength increased proportionately with Dragonslayer Sword’s. As Kai continued to get stronger, the Power of Dragons helped strengthen Dragonslayer Sword as well.

However, Zelda was wounded and could not leave Dragonslayer Sword, so Kai had to head over to Divine Smithing Sect and treat Dragonslayer Sword at the sword-cleansing lake to heal Zelda. Zelda’s power would increase tremendously if she were to leave Dragonslayer Sword after that..

“Leave now, and I will spare your lives!” Kai said while glaring at Tyrone and the old woman. He didn’t want to make Stellaris Sect his enemy because he already had plenty of enemies in Ethereal Realm, and he simply couldn’t afford to give himself even more problems.

If Kai wanted to kill Tyrone, he would have done so the moment he delivered the first blow. He was also perfectly capable of killing the old woman in a single slash earlier.

“I may not know who you are, but you were able to defeat our cultivators at Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm despite only reaching Second Level Body Fusion Realm. This shows the techniques you’ve learned are extraordinary, which means you must come from an extraordinary family. As such, I will refrain from asking about your identity.

There are ten heavenly thunder fruits on this heavenly thunder tree. How about we each take half? The heavenly thunder tree is protected by lightning, so you won’t be able to get the heavenly thunder fruits on your own anyway. If we work together, however, we might just be able to get these heavenly thunder fruits! If you agree to these terms, then I’ll call it even between us, and Stellaris Sect will also owe you a favor. We will definitely lend you a hand if you ever need our help in the future!”

Tyrone knew he couldn’t defeat Kai in a fight, so he had no choice but to call for a truce instead. That way, they would be able to make up for losing the wyverns by bringing a few heavenly thunder fruits back..

“The people of Stellaris Sect are liars, Mr. Chance! They will not honor their word, so you mustn’t believe them so easily!” Crixus whispered into Kai’s ear.

Of course, Kai knew that Tyrone was a liar. After all, he had lied to Cameron and come here secretly. However, Kai didn’t really care if Tyrone was a liar. He decided to go with the flow and turn Tyrone’s lie against him to stall Cameron..

Kai was well aware that those from the Nesser family posed the biggest threat to him. Although the heavenly thunder tree had ten heavenly thunder fruits, it was also protected by lightning. Kai would surely get struck if he tried to pluck the heavenly thunder fruits.

Thankfully, Kai’s body was different from that of others. Having endured lightning tribulations every time he made a breakthrough, he should have no issues enduring the lightning strikes from the heavenly thunder tree.

Even so, it would still take quite some time to pluck all ten heavenly thunder fruits in one go, and the Nesser family would not give him that much time.

Cameron will surely enter the cave after killing the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk, and he’ll definitely make a move once he sees me plucking the heavenly thunder fruits! I may have reached Second Level Body Fusion Realm, but I’m still not confident enough to go against Cameron, who has achieved Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm, while enduring the lightning strikes from the heavenly thunder tree!

Kai said, “All right, I’ll agree to share the heavenly thunder fruits with you. In return, you’ll need to do something for me as well.”

“What is it?” Tyrone asked. “You will step outside of the cave and try your best to stall those from the Nesser family. Do not let them get into the cave. The longer you can stall them, the more heavenly thunder fruits I can pluck, Kai replied.

“What? You’re going to pluck the heavenly thunder fruits yourself? Did you not see the lightning? Aren’t you afraid of getting struck?” the old woman exclaimed in disbelief when she heard Kai’s plan.


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