The Mans Decree Chapter 2775

Kai ignored her and simply glanced at the heavenly thunder tree before jumping straight at a heavenly thunder fruit.

He activated Golem Body in mid-air and covered his entire body with shiny, golden scales. Tyrone and the old woman gasped in shock when they saw Kai don his golden armor.

Even Salazar’s jaw dropped when he saw that. It was their first time witnessing Kai’s Golem Body in action. With his entire body covered in golden armor, Kai reached out and grabbed the first heavenly thunder fruit.

A huge lightning bolt then came from the tree and struck Kai square on his body. Golem Body emitted waves of golden light as it resisted the lightning attack.

Boom! The lightning bolt struck Kai back down and left a charred spot on his body. Quite a number of Golem Body’s scales had. disappeared as well.

“Hmph! So much for all that big talk he made! He still got struck down by lightning anyway!” the old woman said with a disdainful snort.

Tyrone, too, had disappointment written all over his face when he saw that. He had truly thought that Kai would be able to withstand the lightning bolts and pluck the heavenly thunder fruits.

Salazar gulped nervously when he saw Kai get struck down by the lightning bolt. Our bodily spirits are still in Kai’s hands! If he dies, then we won’t survive either! Suddenly, Kai, who was falling down to the ground, stopped his descent and jumped up again.

Right when another lightning bolt was about to strike at Kai, he grabbed hold of the heavenly thunder fruit and yanked hard at it, removing it from the heavenly thunder tree in an instant.

Kai’s lips curled into a smile as he began falling back down, but the lightning bolt was already inches away from his head.

Kai knew that the lightning bolt was too fast for him to dodge, so he had no choice but to receive it head-on. He channeled his energy to his elixir field and unleashed the Power of Three, forming a protective shield of light around his body.

Boom! The lightning bolt broke through his shield and hit him on his body yet again. The speed of Kai’s descent increased tremendously, and he ended up crashing to the ground. The impact was so great that it created a huge crater where he landed.

“Mr. Chance!” Salazar shouted anxiously while running toward the crater. Tyrone and the old woman, too, ran forward to check on Kai. Being hit by two lightning bolts in a row would normally kill a person for sure.

Upon arriving at the crater, however, they saw that Kai was completely unscathed. He stood in the middle of the crater and admired the heavenly thunder fruit in his hand.

Everyone was stunned speechless when they saw that. Not only did Kai survive being struck by two lightning bolts, but they didn’t even do any damage to him whatsoever.

“I-Is that guy even human?” Tyrone exclaimed in shock. “His physical body is way too powerful! I bet even a Tribulator warrior isn’t this powerful!” the old woman added.

Kai was so engrossed in examining the heavenly thunder fruit in his hand that he didn’t notice their reactions. The heavenly thunder fruit emitted a faint glow, and one could clearly see tiny lightning bolts flashing inside it.

Kai could feel the powerful aura coming from the heavenly thunder fruit simply by holding it in his hand. Suddenly, some information on Thunder Palm flashed past Kai’s mind.


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