The Mans Decree Chapter 2780

“Dad, what should we do next?” Chev asked, looking at the broken bronze mirror and the heavenly thunder fruits on the heavenly thunder tree.

Cameron was filled with reluctance when he gazed at the heavenly thunder fruits. “Let’s retreat. We need to get out of here as quickly as we can.”

Cameron knew they couldn’t pluck the heavenly thunder fruits without the bronze mirror. Now I know why Thunderhawk dares to leave and let a Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk at Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm guard Hawk King Cave. The power of heavenly thunder isn’t something an ordinary. person can withstand! Heck, even a Tribulator warrior will have trouble plucking the fruits on the heavenly thunder tree!

After plucking two heavenly thunder fruits, Cameron led the members of the Nesser family out of Hawk King Cave in a hurry.

Tyrone and the other cultivators were reluctant to leave. They stared blankly at the heavenly thunder tree. The heavenly thunder fruits are right before our eyes, but there’s nothing we can do to grab them! This is devastating!

In the end, a couple of cultivators gave in to temptation and unleashed all the aura they had to dash toward the heavenly thunder fruits.

Needless to say, they were struck by the lightning bolts, and their bodies vanished into- thin air before they could come close to the heavenly thunder fruits. That scene humbled the crowd, and none of them dared to take another step closer toward the fruits.

“Let’s go…” Tyrone heaved a sigh and headed out of the cave. The other cultivators followed suit. Since we can’t pluck any heavenly thunder fruits, staying here longer will only lead to death. If the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk returns, we won’t be able to outrun it!

Meanwhile, the Three Bandits were carrying Kai and running for their lives because the huge Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk was on their tails.

The Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk was as fast as lightning, and it was closing in on them rapidly. “F*ck! Why won’t it stop chasing us?” Crixus was sweating bullets.

“It must be because I plucked the heavenly thunder fruits! If this goes on, we’re all going to die…” Kai uttered weakly.

Kai had used up a huge chunk of his spiritual energy when he plucked those three heavenly thunder fruits. He was too weak to deal with the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk.

As for the Three Bandits, they were even less capable to deal with the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk Right when Kai and the others thought they were about to get caught, a series of loud roars rang out in the sky.

The four lifted their heads and saw three wyverns charging toward them. One of the wyverns flapped its wings gently, and a gust of wind carried the four onto the wyvern’s back.

Immediately after, the three wyverns flew forward at top speed. Just like that, the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk was left in the dust.

Shriek! The Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk screeched int anger and flew back toward the cave. Kai and the Three Bandits heaved sighs of relief as they sat on the wyvern’s back. If these three wyverns hadn’t shown up, that Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk would’ve eaten us alive!

The Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk returned to Hawk King Cave and noticed that there were even fewer heavenly thunder fruits left. Enraged, it flew out of the cave.

While Kai and the others were saved by the wyverns, Tyrone and the others weren’t as lucky. Soon, the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk caught up to them.

The cultivators led by Tyrone fled in various directions as the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk went on a killing spree. By the time they got out of the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk’s territory, only a few out of the almost one hundred cultivators on the airship had survived.

Although Tyrone and the elderly woman were utterly disheveled in the end, they were lucky enough to survive to see another day. Tyrone and the rest of the cultivators had to go to Jipsdale by foot, and they were all in a wretched state.


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