The Mans Decree Chapter 2781

While riding on one of the three wyverns, Kai and the Three Bandits quickly caught up with Viola and the others. Kai instructed the wyvern to land and let them off. Jipsdale isn’t too far away. If we ride a wyvern to Jipsdale, we’ll surely attract too much attention!

“Thank you guys so much!” Kai stroked the wyvern’s head. The wyvern let out a roar in response and flew off. “Are you all right, Kai?” Viola was heartbroken when she saw how disheveled Kai looked.

“I’m fine!” Kai smiled. “Mr. Chance, your body is so weak! What happened?” Ghaylen asked in confusion, Mr. Chance isn’t harmed physically, but his aura is weak!

“Mr. Chance became like this because he plucked some heavenly thunder fruits. The lightning bolts discharged by the heavenly thunder tree were insanely powerful! It struck down whoever was plucking those heavenly thunder fruits!” Crixus uttered.

“What? Have you really plucked the heavenly thunder fruits, Mr. Chance?” Yuven asked in disbelief. Thunderhawk is a Tribulator, and Mr. Chance is merely at Second Level Body Fusion Realm! How did he manage to pluck those heavenly thunder fruits? Furthermore, thunder and lightning from the heavenly thunder tree are so powerful that they can even heavily injure a cultivator at Top Level Body Fusion Realm! Yet, apart from a weakened aura, Mr. Chance is unscathed!

Kai nodded. “I got three heavenly thunder fruits! If not for the horrifyingly powerful heavenly thunder tree, I would’ve gotten more!”

Everyone apart from Yuven was unfazed. After all, they didn’t know how strong the heavenly thunder tree was.

Yuven’s eyes widened as he simply couldn’t believe his ears. “Did you say you got your hands on three heavenly thunder fruits, Mr. Chance? That’s unbelievable! Didn’t Thunderhawk stop you?”

“Thunderhawk wasn’t even there! I think he has gone to Jipsdale. That was why I could get. those fruits,” Kai said.

“Even if Thunderhawk wasn’t present, he would’ve surely assigned a Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk to guard the cave, no? Also, the power of the thunder and lightning from the heavenly thunder tree had to be frightening! How did you keep yourself safe?” Yuven couldn’t fathom how Kai managed to endure the lightning bolts.

Kai told Yuven what had happened prior to that, and he even told him how he had used Tyrone to stall the Nesser family.

Yuven was utterly impressed by Kai. Mr. Chance is bold and intelligent! He doesn’t just rush into things blindly! Mr. Chance surviving the lightning bolts from the heavenly thunder tree is nothing short of a miracle!

“Mr. Chance, you mustn’t let anyone know you have plucked those heavenly thunder fruits. If words spread during the Alchemist Fair, we might get in trouble!” Ghaylen reminded Kai.

“That’s right. We must keep it a secret. If Thunderhawk finds out about it, he’ll surely come after us. We’ll just keep it between us. Don’t tell anybody about it!” Yuven said.

“Don’t worry. The three of us won’t spill the beans. However, those two elders from Stellaris Sect know about Mr. Chance plucking those heavenly thunder fruits. If they’re also going to Jipsdale, they might tell everyone about it,” Crixus said.

“That’ll be troublesome! Perhaps we should camp outside Jipsdale and wait for those two elders from Stellaris Sect. We’ll kill them the moment we see them! That way, they’ll carry the secret to their graves!” An icy look swirled in Viola’s eyes. Evidently, Viola was willing to do whatever it took to keep Kai safe.

“Let’s not worry about them. Tyrone might’ve already been eaten by the Bloodthirsty Thunderhawk. Let’s get to Jipsdale!” Kai said. The others nodded in response, and they started making their way toward Jipsdale together.


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