The Mans Decree Chapter 2782

Meanwhile, Sigurd became the person in charge of the entire Emerald Cauldron Sect since Kai and the others left. As it was his first time in a role of authority, he was filled with anxiety.

“Mr. Brink, there is a young woman outside the sect, asking to meet Mr. Chance,” one of Emerald Cauldron Sect’s disciples reported to Sigurd.

“A young woman?” Sigurd furrowed his brows and immediately got up to walk outside. As the young woman was asking to meet Kai, he dared not make her wait.

Even though Kai was not around, if this young woman was genuinely a friend of his, Sigurd’s delay in meeting her would spell trouble for him.

The moment Sigurd stepped outside, he noticed how shabby the young woman was dressed, how pale her face was, and how she had several wounds on her body.

“Who are you? Why are you looking for Mr. Chance?” Sigurd asked. “I am Ivasha, the princess of Imperial Beast City. I’m currently getting pursuit by a group of people,” Ivasha said to him weakly.

Sigurd froze. He didn’t expect the disheveled young woman before him to be the princess of Imperial Beast City.

It was not too long ago when Yuven had come to look for Kai at Emerald Cauldron Sect looking unkempt as well. When Sigurd recalled that, he realized bad things must have happened in Imperial Beast City.

“Princess Ivasha, Mr. Chance is not around. He has gone to attend the Alchemist Fair,” Sigurd informed when he recollected himself. “He’s not around?” Ivasha muttered in surprise, not knowing what to do.

“Princess Ivasha, although Mr. Chance isn’t around right now, please recover here while you wait for him to return. He has gone to the Alchemist Fair with your father. I think he wants to cure your father of the poison in his system,” Sigurd said. Ivasha visibly relaxed.

She nodded and said, “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.” Sigurd quickly invited Ivasha into Emerald Cauldron Sect, then let her take a shower and gave her a change of clothes. Once Ivasha washed up, her youthful, beautiful appearance returned.

Her beauty stunned Sigurd, but he knew he should not bear any indecent thoughts toward her, for she was Kai’s friend.

“Can you contact Kai now? I’d like to talk to them so that they don’t need to worry about me,” Ivasha said. She wanted to call Kai to alleviate her father’s worries.

Otherwise, Yuven would have still presumed that Tigerus still had her trapped in Imperial Beast City. Perhaps he might even think that she had lost her most precious thing to Tigerus.

“When Mr. Chance left, he left behind a communication device. I can contact him with that,” Sigurd said. “That’s wonderful. Please contact him as quickly as you can,” Ivasha said excitedly.

Sigurd nodded, then took out the communication device and muttered the activation spell before squeezing it. Soon, Kai’s voice rang out. “Sigurd, did something happen at the base?”

After all, it had not been long since they left, but Sigurd was already contacting him with the communication device. He reckoned something must have happened.

“Mr. Chance, Princess Ivasha is at the base, and she wishes to talk to you,” Sigurd said. Kai was taken aback when he heard that Ivasha was the one who wanted to converse with him. Right then, Yuven’s agitated voice could be heard. “Ivasha? Is Ivasha really there?”

Upon hearing her father’s voice, Ivasha could not stop her tears from flowing. “Yes, Father, it’s me. I’ve escaped from the city. You don’t need to worry about me anymore.”

Yuven could not make the words leave his throat when he heard his daughter’s voice. “Sigurd, you have to protect Princess Ivasha during our absence. Do you understand?” Kai exclaimed.

“Of course,” Sigurd swore with a nod. Ivasha and Kai briefly exchanged a few more words before her voice faded off. There was a time limit for the use of the communication: device.


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