The Mans Decree Chapter 2783

Knowing that Ivasha was safe and sound brought a sense of relief to both Kai and Yuven They hastened to Jipsdale. Just as they were only a short distance away from their destination, they encountered another group of people.

They all donned the same attire, and the one leading the group was a thin elderly man. It seemed that the other group was headed for Jipsdale as well.

“Mr. Samoll, do you know them?” Kai asked. If they were heading for the Alchemist Fair, then Ghaylen would surely know them. After all, they were all alchemists.

However, Ghaylen glanced at them briefly and shook his head. “I don’t. It doesn’t seem like they’re alchemists. Did you notice something strange about them?”

Kai only smiled and shook his head. He did not notice anything odd about them, but he could sense that their auras were unlike those of cultivators.

But at the same time, he could not tell what exactly was different, and that was why he had asked Ghaylen that question.

When the other group noticed Kai’s group, they, too, studied them before walking past them. In fact, one of them kept looking at Kai’s group, a pleading look in their eyes.

Right as Kai intended to study that person closer, the other group had quickly distanced themselves, seemingly intentionally. Kai could only knit his brows as he watched them leave.

“What’s the matter, Kai? Was there something wrong with that group?” Viola asked upon seeing Kai’s expression. “There’s someone who seems to be asking for help,” Kai said.

“Asking for help?” Viola blinked in surprise. “Those people are clearly from the same sect. Why would they ask for our help? You must have made a mistake.”

“Maybe,” Kai mumbled, flashing her a smile. After covering some distance, they decided to stop for a break. Jipsdale was not too far now, so there was no need for them to rush.

While they were resting, Kai disappeared. He could not dismiss the look in that person’s eyes, which was clearly a plea for help. Furthermore, the group’s auras confused Kai. In no time, he caught up with the other group.

Likewise, they were resting under a tree. Kai raked his gaze across the people, hoping to find the one who had sought help from him, but he found no traces of them.

Right then, he heard soft voices from his left, so he tiptoed in that direction. He discovered that the one who cast him a pleading look earlier was with the elderly man who led the group.

Before them was a cauldron, wisps of white smoke escaping it. It was obvious that they were practicing alchemy.

“Why are they practicing alchemy in a place like this?” Kai was surprised. He could not understand. why they were performing alchemy in the middle of nowhere.

Just as he was about to discover what kind of pill they were trying to create in the cauldron, the thin elderly man abruptly whipped his head in Kai’s direction, staring at that spot with stern eyes. Kai was taken aback. He had already concealed his aura, yet the elderly man had still noticed.

Just as he was about to leave the place, the thin elderly man, Vinicus, demanded, “Who are you? Since you’ve come here, you might as well show yourself.”

Hearing that, Kai stepped out of his hiding spot. The one who had asked for Kai’s help earlier stiffened when he saw Kai.

“Why are you sneaking around, kid?” Vinicus asked coldly, looking at Kai.


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