The Mans Decree Chapter 2784

“I’m strolling around. This isn’t your house, so it’s not as if I’m not allowed to wander around,” Kai replied, looking relaxed.

When the elderly man heard that, he furrowed his brows and said, “This is my territory now, so get lost right away, or I’ll show you no mercy.” He released waves of murderous intent toward Kai, seemingly wanting to frighten Kai into retreating.

To his surprise, Kai appeared completely fearless. He even had a smile playing on his lips as he said, “Do you think you can stake claim to this land just by saying it’s yours? Why don’t you show me the official papers stating ownership of the land?”

“Kid, you’re just asking for it!” Vinicus’ aura began to rise up. When the man at the side noticed that, he quickly leaped forward and darted toward Kai.

“Die!” The punches the man rained on Kai were so swift they became afterimages that enshrouded Kai. Kai inhaled sharply, baffled by the situation.

The man had cast a helpless pleading look in his direction earlier, and yet, he was now so ruthless to him when he had come here to check things out. The second Vinicus saw the man jumping into the fight, he smirked and retracted his aura.

Kai did not know what his opponent was trying to do, but he would not stand in his spot like a sitting duck when he was under attack. Just as the other man’s fist was about to reach his eyes, Kai shot his palm out..

His opponent was only a cultivator at Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm. He was no threat to Kai. With a simple attack, Kai managed to make him retreat.

However, when he shot out his palm, he realized with a start that, despite the man’s seemingly powerful punch, the punch barely held any power in it. In fact, it could be described as weak.

Kai immediately figured out that his opponent did not truly want to hurt him, so he hastily withdrew his strength and moved backward. By then, his opponent was already right in front of him, moving his arms and fists, forcing him backward.

However, each of his opponent’s punches packed little strength, so Kai played along with his act, making it seem as though he was caught off guard by every punch and had no choice but to retreat.

If Kai had not realized what was going on quickly enough earlier and delivered his attack at its full power, he would have sent his opponent flying.

“Leave at once, or you’ll die. These people are Demonic Cultivators. You can’t afford to mess with them,” the man whispered while attacking Kai.

“Demonic Cultivators?” Kai was stunned. No wonder I sense something strange about their auras, but there aren’t any traces of demon auras on them. “What’s going on?”

“Don’t ask. It can’t be explained in a few words. Hurry up and leave this place. I can’t believe you would come after them despite only being at Second Level Body Fusion Realm. I’m sure you’re heading toward Jipsdale too, right? When you arrive, you have to tell the count of Jipsdale that these Demonic Cultivators are also heading to the area. They’re planning to steal pills at the Alchemist Fair. You have to tell the count about this!” the man said somberly.

It was at that moment Kai realized why the man had abruptly attacked him. The man had thought that he would be easily defeated by Vinicus, so he quickly started the fight to save him.

“Don’t underestimate me. Defeating that old man will be a piece of cake for me” Kai said. to him, a small smile on his face.

Then, he promptly grabbed the man’s wrist. Before the man could react to that, Kai had already restrained him.

The shock was written across the man’s face. After all, he was a cultivator at Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm. Defeating a cultivator like Kai would be extremely easy, yet Kai had swiftly restrained him, leaving him no room to defend himself.


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