The Mans Decree Chapter 2786

“You’re being ridiculous, young man, and you got some nerve to say that. Let’s see what you can actually do to me.” The moment he finished, Vinicus unleashed the frosty energy within him that engulfed the surrounding forest.

Then, he stretched his hand out and clenched his fist. His body emitted a black flame that morphed into fire dragons that charged at Kai. Kai thought the black flame looked familiar.

Mr. Chance, this is demonic fire. I’m surprised to see that this old man is from the Inferno Devil lineage. It’s just that his demonic fire is too weak and not as pure as mine.

Faiyar’s voice suddenly rang out in Kai’s head. Only then did Kai realize why he found the flame familiar but he couldn’t remember as it was an impure form of demonic fire.

“Since you like playing with fire, let me join in. the fun.” Kai twisted his wrist, and a flame was ignited. at the tip of his fingers. He flicked his fingers and fired the flame forward.

Faced with Kai’s attack, Vinicus couldn’t help but guffaw. “Hahaha, are you kidding me? Do you really think you can defeat me with that tiny flame of yours? That’s like an insect trying to go up against a giant.”

His disdain for the flame Kai had ignited. couldn’t be any more obvious. The flame was nothing compared to the fire dragons he had conjured up.

However, Vinicus had no idea that the unassuming flame Kai had ignited was the purest form of demonic fire.

Boom! Right after Kai shot the flame, it suddenly exploded in mid-air, engulfing the sky in ant inferno that evolved into a wall of fire.

With fire raging in every direction, the scorching temperature had even distorted the space around them. Vinicus’ fire dragons were instantaneously swallowed by the inferno.

The trees and plants in the area withered in the heat, while the birds and beasts present were incinerated into ash. Kai possessed pure demonic fire that needed no introduction. Its potency was a hundred times the fire Vinicus had conjured up.

The fiery sight before him caused Vinicus to back away. The fear of being burnt to a crisp prevented him from taking the risk of going. against it head-on.

“W-Who the hell are you? How can you manipulate this kind of fire that looks similar to mine?” Vinicus asked with a confused look on his face.

“What kind of fire is that?” Kai asked. “Demonic fire, the most powerful form of fire among those of the Inferno Devil lineage,” Vinicus said proudly.

Pfft! He’s a f*cking disgrace to those of the Inferno Devil lineage. How dare he call that demonic fire? I have no idea how horrible their cultivation is, Faiyar cursed in Kai’s mind.

Nevertheless, what happened wasn’t really a surprise, for demon spirits had been divided for many years and split into countless small sects.

Some sects were formed even though they had only scratched the surface of demonic fire, resulting in subsequent generations cultivating a version that was vastly different from the original.

In truth, even Faiyar’s demonic fire was also not as pure as Kai’s, which was the true version of it. “Mine is a demonic fire too, which is the same as yours,” Kai said with a smile.

“Bullsh*t. I have never seen a demonic fire with this kind of aura. You can stop lying to me. Besides, you’re not a demon, so how is it possible that you can cultivate demonic fire? You must have stolen the cultivation method for it and modified it accordingly. That’s the reason why your demonic fire is similar to mine!”

Vinicus refused to believe that Kai was capable of using demonic fire.


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