The Mans Decree Chapter 2788

“Stop, or Lord Inferno Devil will never let you off!” Vinicus roared. “Pfft, who do you think you are to him? You’re nothing but a member of a branch of his lineage. Do you really think you’re actually his subordinate?” Kai scoffed.

The lightning struck Vinicus relentlessly until a bloody pool of mush was all that was left of him. Right then, a black mist flew out of his body. Its appearance caused the sky to darken..

“That’s his demonic soul. Don’t let him escape!” Gregory shouted to Kai at the sight of the black mist. Upon nodding in acknowledgment, Kai dashed toward the demonic soul who let out a piercing shrill as a terrifying face emerged from it.

The demonic soul stared at Kai with eyes that were the size of bells. It looked like a man- eating demon with saliva drooling down from its razor-sharp teeth..

Seeing Kai bearing down upon it, the demonic soul filled the sky with black mist as it charged forward to meet the attack. Kai raised a ball of demonic fire in his hand before he was swallowed by the black mist.

The harrowing sight before Gregory caused him to watch on anxiously. Soon, a loud cry resonated from within the black mist, heralding its dissipation from the entire sky. Shattered into millions of pieces, every single one of them was consumed by an inferno.

Kai’s body gradually appeared while the demonic soul was being incinerated into ash by demonic fire in the background.

Meanwhile, the other Demonic Cultivators who heard the commotion came running over. The sight of their leader’s demonic soul being burned to crisp filled all of them with horror. Before Kai could even attack them, they instantly fled and disappeared without a trace.

Kai didn’t pursue them and allowed them to escape. As long as they didn’t harm any more villagers or get in his way, he saw no reason to deal with them.

“Young man, I can’t thank you enough for saving my life. I’ll definitely repay you once we’re in Jipsdale,” Gregory said gratefully.

“It’s no big deal. Don’t worry about it,” Kai replied with a faint smile. Right then, Viola and the others ran over upon realizing that Kai had disappeared.

“Kai, are you hurt?” she asked anxiously when she saw him. Kai shook his head. “No, I’m fine.”

“Mr. Chance, was there a fight here just now? I can sense the aura of demons,” Yuven said with a frown. Even though his strength had been suppressed, his senses remained just as sharp.

“Yes. I just killed a Demonic Cultivator and saved this man from Solaris Sect,” Kai said as he pointed at Gregory. “Solaris Sect?” Ghaylen looked at Gregory in disbelief. “You’re a member of Solaris Sect?”

“That’s right. I’m an elder of the sect. My name is Gregory Stark. Do you mind telling me where you’re from?” Gregory asked Ghaylen. “Oh, we’re from Emerald Cauldron Sect. We’re on our way to the Alchemist Fair,” Ghaylen replied.

“Oh, you’re friends from Emerald Cauldron Sect. I didn’t expect to see such formidable cultivators among you!” Gregory exclaimed in surprise.

Generally speaking, alchemy-based sects weren’t particularly powerful. It was just that alchemists were well respected in Ethereal Realm. Hence, few would dare provoke them even though they weren’t strong.

“Mr. Stark, I guess you’re heading to Jipsdale for the Alchemist Fair too? I remember that members of Solaris Sect would act as judges during the event every year,” Ghaylen said.

“That’s right. I am going to be a judge there. However, my seniors went ahead of me. I was held back by some business. That gave the Demonic Cultivators the opportunity to capture me. If this man here hadn’t rescued me, I would have probably been forced to serve them already,” Gregory said awkwardly.


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