The Mans Decree Chapter 2790

Noticing the look of confusion on Kai’s face, Gregory explained, “You may not know this, but Jipsdale is only able to achieve such levels of greatness because it hosts the annual Alchemist Fair. The count of Jipsdale is also a remarkable alchemist. That is why Jipsdale placed this statue of Lord Alchemy here to attract and bring in more alchemists.”

Kai understood that Jipsdale did it to boost its popularity and economy after listening to that. “Looks like the count of Jipsdale is great at doing business!” he commented with a smile.

“Of course! The annual Alchemist Fair brings in countless rare and precious gems. Due to the huge amount of resources gathered here in Jipsdale, the guards watching the city gate are all Body Fusion Realm cultivators. Jipsdale would not have become this grand city without the huge amount of resources,” Gregory said.

Kai got a little excited at that. “Let’s hope this trip is worth it!” I might just be able to collect a ton of rare herbs and treat Yuven!

“Thanks for your help, young man. Here, this is my token. If you have some time, feel free to drop by the Alchemist Fair and pay me a visit,” Gregory said while handing Kai an exquisite- looking token.

With that token, Kai would be able to enter and exit the venue for the Alchemist Fair freely. Otherwise, he would have to wait until the day of the event and queue up like everyone else. In other words, that token was the equivalent of a VIP pass.

After giving Kai the token, Gregory went off to see his friends while Ghaylen led Kai deeper into Jipsdale. Jipsdale was so huge that it had an inner city and an outer city.

Those who came to Jipsdale could roam the outer city freely, but they would have to undergo a strict background check and questioning procedure before being allowed into the inner city. As the Alchemist Fair would be held within the inner city, Kai and the others started making their way there.

“The three of us will wait for you in the outer city, Mr. Chance. Given our capabilities, we’d probably be bored to death in the inner city,” said Crixus.

As those in the inner city were powerful, high- status individuals, the Three Bandits would feel incredibly stressful in there. In the outer city, however, one would encounter

people from all walks of life. There were also casinos and arenas all over the place, which was filled with people from the lower class. It was a place where the Three Bandits would be able to enjoy themselves to the fullest without having to worry about anything.

“Sure, but you three mustn’t steal anything. I will punish you guys severely if I find out you’ve been stealing!” Kai ordered.

“We would never dare steal from Jipsdale! That’d be no different from signing our death warrants!” the Three Bandits replied.

“Don’t worry, Kai. No one would dare cause trouble here in Jipsdale,” Ghaylen said. Kai stretched his hand out at Viola and said, “Give me some spirit coins.”

Viola immediately handed him a few spirit coins without even asking why. Kai tossed the spirit coins at the Three Bandits and said, “You guys just have fun out there while waiting for us.”

The Three Bandits thanked him profusely when they received the spirit coins. Not only would they not have to steal and rob, but they also had spirit coins to spend.

Yuven waited until the Three Bandits had left before saying with a smile, “You sure know how to live off a woman, Mr. Chance!”

Ghaylen burst out laughing on the spot, whereas Viola’s face burned bright red instantly. “And I enjoy doing it!” Kai replied nonchalantly.

“Hahaha!” Everyone laughed happily as they made their way toward the inner city.


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