The Mans Decree Chapter 2791

A few guards with powerful auras and silver armor were carefully screening those who entered the inner city. Just like Ghaylen, they were all cultivators at Third Level Body Fusion Realm. Kai couldn’t help but gasp in shock when he saw that.

These guards have all reached Third Level Body Fusion Realm! This is ridiculous! Usually, only elders and captains of sects would have such high cultivation levels. Jipsdale sure is different from all the other cities! Now I’m curious what kind of person the count is!

Kai and the others were stopped by the guards the moment they tried to enter the inner city. “Hold it right there! What are you people here for?” asked one of the guards.

“We are from Emerald Cauldron Sect. We came here to participate in the Alchemist Fair,” Ghaylen replied as he stepped forward and handed the guards something that resembled an emerald token. The guard gently fiddled with the token before nodding and returning it to Ghaylen. “Welcome.”

Ghaylen put the emerald token away and led Kai and the others into the inner city. Right as Kai was about to enter the inner city, a white light flashed before his eyes, and a barrier formed in front of him to block his path.

Kai froze as he did not expect the city gate to have an arcane array around it. But why is everyone else able to enter? Why was it triggered when I tried to enter?

Upon seeing the arcane array get activated to stop Kai from entering, the guards quickly grabbed their weapons and surrounded him as though he were an enemy. “You sure are bold for entering Jipsdale, you Demonic Cultivator!”

The guards were about to attack Kai when Ghaylen stepped forward and said, “This is a misunderstanding! He’s from Emerald Cauldron Sect. There’s no way he’s a Demonic Cultivator!”

That was when Kai realized why the arcane array had only activated itself when he tried to enter the inner city. It was because he had demonic aura in his body after consuming Ira’s demon bead. As if that wasn’t enough, he had also gained a lot of demonic aura after sucking it off Gregory earlier. Kai didn’t bother to hide his demonic aura as he hadn’t expected to run into arcane arrays like this.

“Impossible! This arcane array was created by our count, so there’s no way this is a mistake! Surrender, Demonic Cultivator! Don’t make us use force!” shouted one of the guards anxiously.

“This really is a mistake! I’m not a Demonic Cultivator!” Kai said while concealing his demonic aura. His demonic aura wasn’t all that intense, to begin with, and he had long since refined it into the Power of Three. That further reduced the demonic aura, which allowed him to conceal it perfectly.

In order to prove his point, Kai reached out to touch the arcane array. The arcane array instantly disappeared upon coming into contact with his hand, and Kai was able to enter the inner city without any issues.

“See? I made it through just fine! I’m not a Demonic Cultivator!” Kai said to the guards after entering the inner city. The guards were all stunned and confused when they saw that. What is going on here?

“Try that again!” the guard ordered. Kai then crossed the arcane array multiple times without activating it. “Huh, that’s odd. Could it be that this arcane array really is faulty?” the guard asked while scratching his head in confusion.

“There’s probably something wrong with the arcane array. We are from Emerald Cauldron Sect, so most of the people here know about us. There’s no way he’s a Demonic Cultivator!” Ghaylen said to the guard.

Seeing as the arcane array no longer got activated, the guards waved at Kai and said, “Go on, then!”


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