The Mans Decree Chapter 2793

“This heavenly thunder fruit has lightning power in it?” Viola exclaimed, her eyes wide. “Of course. What’s special about this heavenly. thunder fruit is its lightning power. I wonder if my power will grow stronger if I eat this heavenly thunder fruit,” Kai said, his eyes fixed on the heavenly thunder fruit with anticipation.

“You’ll know if you try one,” Viola said. Kai shook his head. “I’ll have to refine the heavenly thunder fruit before I can eat it, but it doesn’t seem easy. If I end up missing the Alchemist Fair, it’ll be bad. I’ll eat this later.”

Kai kept the heavenly thunder fruit. If he missed the Alchemist Fair just to refine the heavenly thunder fruit, he would suffer a great loss. After all, he was already in possession of the fruit and could consume it anytime, but the Alchemist Fair was only held once a year.

“Let’s sleep,” Viola said to Kai, looking at him. with a slight blush. Kai nodded and lay down on the bed. Seeing that, Viola lay on top of him. This time, Kai did not reject her.

What followed soon after was a night of passion and an endless cacophony of Viola’s blissful moans. The next morning, Ghaylen and Yuven walked out of the room with dark circles under their eyes. That night, they had not slept well. In fact, they could not sleep at all.

When Viola walked out of her room with a look of bliss and saw Ghaylen and Yuven, she immediately turned red in the face in embarrassment before hurrying to the side.

“Mr. Chance, did you get a good sleep last night?” Ghaylen asked Kai in a slightly teasing tone. “I guess so…” Kai answered with a small smile. It was not as if they had not done it before, so he felt that there was nothing to be ashamed of.

“There are still two days before the Alchemist Fair, so let me take you around Jipsdale. You should look around and find out if there’s anything you need here. There are all kinds of precious herbs here.”

Ghaylen was hoping to take Kai to find herbs. that could cure Yuven. However, the major issue at the moment was that Kai had no idea what kind of poison was in Yuven’s system, and he could not detect it either, so finding a cure for him seemed impossible. Nevertheless, Kai was interested in the arenas in Jipsdale.

“Mr. Samoll, let’s skip the herbs. They’ll appear when it’s time for the Alchemist Fair. Let’s take a trip to the arena and find out what’s interesting there,” Kai said. Ghaylen nodded and led Kai’s group out of the courtyard.

“Mr. Chance, which arena should we head to first? There are four arenas in four directions, representing different cultivation levels. The arena to the east is for cultivators at First to Third Level Body Fusion Realm, and the arena to the south is for cultivators at Fourth to Sixth Level Body Fusion Realm.

The arena to the west is for cultivators at Seventh to Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm, and the arena to the north is for cultivators at Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm. The arenas in the inner city are only open to Body Fusion Realm cultivators while the arenas in the outer city are meant for Manifestors. Cultivators who are in the stage of Tribulator are not allowed in the arenas.

After all, at this stage, they’re growing exponentially and wield overly destructive powers. If a cultivator in this stage were to fight in Jipsdale, the entire Jipsdale might turn into ruins!” Ghaylen explained. “Are individuals with grudges against each other the only ones allowed in the arenas?” Kai asked.

“Not always. Most competitions are for betting and winning more resources. If only individuals who wanted to settle grudges used the arenas, the arenas would have been abandoned a long time ago,” Ghaylen answered.

It was then Kai realized that the arenas were a miniature version of a gambling ring, but that was the only way they could get more people to use it.

“Come on. Let’s head to the arena in the east first,” Kai suggested.


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