The Mans Decree Chapter 2800

While feeling infuriated, Viola and Ghaylen were worried about Kai. Even though Kai was strong and didn’t fear a cultivator at Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm, he had now been frozen still. All Jerison had to do was give him a gentle tap to shatter him into pieces.

“Who says that victory is yours? Aren’t you celebrating prematurely?” Kai’s voice gradually rang out.

The stunned Jerison quickly turned to look at Kai. Noticing that Kai was still frozen in ice, he asked quizzically, “How can you speak when you’re frozen in ice?”

Jerison leaned in to take a closer look, for he wanted to find out how Kai could talk. “Not only can I still speak, but I can also beat you up.” The ice enveloping Kai melted in an instant, and out of it came a slap.

Jerison, who was standing right before Kai to observe him, didn’t expect the ice to disappear instantaneously. He did not see Kai’s swinging palm coming either. Staying vigilant was the last thing on his mind.

Smack! The powerful slap sent Jerison flying in the air before he crashed below the arena with a resounding thud.

After struggling to pick himself up, Jerison glared at Kai, his face swollen all over. A few of his teeth had fallen onto the pool of blood that he had thrown up. “Damn it, I’m going to kill you…”

The sight of his falling teeth enraged Jerison, filling him with the urge to charge up the arena to rip Kai apart.

“This is outrageous! You lost the moment you fell out of the arena. How dare you go back there? Are you trying to cause trouble in Jipsdale?” warned the guards around the arena. They had swarmed forward with their weapons aimed at Jerison.

“Mr. Jerison, don’t do anything rash!” At that moment, two of the Tall family’s servants came forward to hold Jerison back.

Jerison glowered as he looked up at Kai, who was standing in the arena. “Just you wait, kid. I’m not going to forget what you’ve done today.”

Kai was unfazed by Jerison’s threat, for the latter came from the far north which was thousands of miles away. He figured that it would be unlikely for him to ever cross paths with the Tall family again..

“Mr. Jerison, let’s leave this place and meet up with Mr. Kaison first,” one of his servants whispered. Jerison grumbled, “I can’t believe Kaison ignored our brother’s instructions for the sake of three lousy girls. If only he had come with me to Jipsdale, I would not have been humiliated here, let alone beaten up!”

He shot Kai a glare. Only then did he leave with his two servants. After Jerison departed, Kai swept his gaze through the crowd. “Is there anyone who wants to challenge me? I’m willing to bet these things. here. Whoever comes up and is defeated will only lose a million spirit coins. In the event you beat me, you’ll win fifty million spirit coins and countless supplies.”

Kai’s offer triggered an uproar among the crowd. Despite feeling intimidated by the sight of Jerison being beaten by Kai, the crowd was tempted by the reward of fifty million spirit coins and an unlimited supply of resources in return for a bet of one million spirit coins.

Moreover, Kai had struggled to beat Jerison earlier, a clear indication that he wasn’t that strong and could’ve gotten lucky. “I’m going to accept the challenge.”

“I’ll accept the challenge too.”

“Me too…”

Many in the crowd clamored to fight Kai. Kai gestured for the crowd to calm down. “Everyone, form a queue and fight me one by one!” Thereafter, he turned to Viola. “Viola, keep watch here together with Ghaylen. Make sure everyone hands over a million before they’re allowed to come up.”

Viola nodded before taking her position with Ghaylen at the entrance where they started collecting money.


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