The Mans Decree Chapter 2802

It was Vasily, who was saved by Kai at the arena. After spotting Kai, Vasily promptly kneeled before him. “Please accept my gratitude for saving me, my hero!”

Kai was stunned, and he gently lifted Vasily. “It was nothing, my good man. You don’t need to thank me for saving your life like this.”

“I’m from the far north, my hero. There, the resources are scarce, and the people are poor. That’s why I don’t have anything valuable on me to thank you for. If you don’t mind, please accept this emerald badge I have in my possession.” Vasily removed a chipped emerald badge from his pocket and handed it to Kai.

Kai shook his head and rejected hastily, “As I’ve said, you don’t need to thank me. Saving you was no big deal. I can’t accept this.”

Just as Kai’s finger touched Vasily’s emerald badge, a cold sensation jolted through his body. Shock filled his eyes. After all, within Kai’s body lay the demonic fire, which prevented even Jerison’s ice from freezing him.

That was why Kai was taken aback that the chipped emerald badge before him possessed such great power.

Upon sensing Kai’s confusion, Vasily explained, “This emerald badge is a key to unlock the Archaic Body cultivators’ treasure. In the past, when Archaic Body cultivators were a much more formidable force, our people buried a treasure chest in the far north. Plenty of valuable items were kept inside. After that, our people were embroiled in a violent affair.

Many were slaughtered, and some were stripped of their skills and had to re-cultivate their spiritual energy. As such, the location of the treasure chest became a mystery. Even now, no one has discovered the whereabouts of the treasure chest. After so many generations, the tale of the treasure has become a myth, and the emerald badge key has been damaged. Despite that, the emerald badge is still the most valuable artifact among our people.”

“How can you hand such an important thing to me?” Kai was astounded. Although he had saved Vasily’s life, he couldn’t accept such a significant item as a gift. After all, if he found the treasure chest, he could seize everything that was inside.

“You may not know about this, but we Archaic Body cultivators are on the verge of extinction. It’s possible we’ll be gone long before we can even locate the treasure. We’re a group of people who focus on utilizing inner energy to unleash techniques. It’s extremely difficult, which is why very few Archaic Body cultivators are left.

This emerald badge is practically useless to me and my people. In fact, it’ll only attract danger to me. The Tall family has been forcing us Archaic Body cultivators to pledge our loyalty to them solely to obtain this emerald badge! Now, I’m giving this emerald badge to you.

If you’re lucky, you may stumble upon the ancient treasure. I bet our Archaic Body Cultivation techniques are hidden inside. If you. can preserve those techniques, perhaps. Archaic Body cultivators will reemerge in this world one day.” Tears welled up in Vasily’s eyes as he spoke in a melancholic tone.

After all, his people, the Archaic Body cultivators, were about to perish completely, lost forever to history. It was a cruel reality for all Archaic Body cultivators.

“No need to be so pessimistic, my good man. The legacy of Archaic Body cultivators will live on. You don’t have to worry about that.” Kai really wanted to tell Vasily that martial arts were still alive and well in the mundane world.

Not only that, there were many Martial Arts Warriors. However, Kai was uncertain if those Martial Arts Warriors would ultimately choose the path of Archaic Body Cultivation.


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