The Mans Decree Chapter 2803

“No need to comfort me, my savior. Those who lag behind are destined to be wiped out. We Archaic Body cultivators have already prepared for our extinction. Keep the emerald badge. After returning to my homeland, I’m afraid I won’t be able to leave again.

The Tall family has snatched all resources there. I traveled thousands of miles to Jipsdale for a chance to win some spirit coins and resources at the arena. The plan was to bring those back so my people could take a breather. However, it seems the only fate awaiting my people after I return will be total annihilation by the hand of the Tall family.” After Vasily finished speaking, tears streamed down his cheeks.

He stuffed the emerald badge into Kai’s hand, turned around, and left. As Kai watched Vasily walk away, an awful feeling flooded his heart.

“Wait!” Kai shouted and chased after him. “Is there something else you need?” Vasily turned to Kai. “Do you have a storage bag or something like that?”

Vasily nodded. “I do. I was planning to fill it with the resources I won, but-”

“Take it out.” Vasily was stunned. He promptly handed the storage bag to Kai. “If you want the bag, you can have it. I doubt I’ll be using it again in the future.”

He misunderstood Kai’s intention, thinking the latter wanted his storage bag. Kai smiled. Instead of explaining anything, he opened the bag and tossed all the spirit coins and resources he won from his Storage Ring into it.

“I won tens of millions of spirit coins as well as plenty of resources at the arena today. I think these will support your people for a while after you return. If I have the time and chance, I’ll definitely visit you and the Archaic Body cultivators in the far north. It’s not like your people don’t have any redeeming qualities. Don’t give up and keep fighting. One day, you may be able to become an immortal, too,” comforted Kai.

Staring at Kai, Vasily instantly cried a waterfall while holding the storage bag. Despite his muscular, towering build, he was sobbing like a child at that moment.

After all, it was rare for anyone to receive such kindness in a might-makes-right world like Ethereal Realm. After Vasily left, Kai tossed the emerald badge into his Storage Ring.

At that moment, he still had many things to deal with. He didn’t have time to search for Archaic Body cultivators’ treasure in the far north.

“I didn’t know you’re such a Good Samaritan, Kai. To think you gave tens of millions of spirit coins and so many resources to him so easily. I suppose we’ll have to keep staying inside that small house,” Viola said playfully.

Looking at Viola’s smile, Kai knew what she was thinking about. I bet she’s reminiscing about what happened last night! “It’s so rare to meet someone as generous as you in Ethereal Realm, Mr. Chance,” praised Ghaylen.

“No need to compliment me. I gave out those spirit coins, but I can earn them back within a few rounds at the arena!” Kai smiled confidently.

“You’re still going, Mr. Chance? I’m afraid no one will dare to face you in the arena anymore, considering how famous you’ve become,” said Yuven.

“In that case, we’ll be heading to the arena in the south instead of the one in the east.” As Kai spoke, he marched toward his destination.

The arena in the south was prepared for individuals from Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm to Sixth Level Body Fusion Realm. Meanwhile, Kai was only at Second Level Body Fusion Realm. However, he wouldn’t be frightened even if he had to face a cultivator at Sixth Level Body Fusion Realm.

As the group walked toward the arena, they spotted many people gathering around it. The liveliness of that arena was no worse than the atmosphere in the arena in the east.


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