The Mans Decree Chapter 2808

Chapter 2808 Mercy

“Well, bring it on, then. I’m not going to give you the heavenly thunder fruits,” Kai said flatly.

Seeing that Kai refused to surrender the heavenly thunder fruits, the man was enraged. He pulled out a formation plate and tossed it into the air with all his might. The formation plate exploded midair, enveloping Kai and him in a white curtain.

“This is a forbidden arcane array, kid! I’ve locked down this space so no one outside can see what’s happening here, and you can’t escape! I’m going all in for these three heavenly thunder fruits!” The man smirked, his aura exploding from his body.

Clearly, the man had bought the formation plate at a high price. After all, as an alchemist, there was no way he could have carved his own formation plate.

The man was speaking the truth by immediately unleashing the formation plate. He was prepared to go all in.

“I didn’t want to fight you, but since you refuse to relent, don’t blame me for what happens next.” Kai shook his head.
“You’re just a cultivator at Second Level Body Fusion Realm, punk! How dare you utter such arrogant words! It seems you’ll remain ignorant of my might unless I show you some pain!” Upon ending his sentence, the man leaped into the air and sent his fist flying toward Kai.

The man was extremely powerful as his punch immediately tore the void apart, creating loud booms.

Thanks to the arcane array, he needed not to worry about exposing himself.

The man was extremely fast as he arrived before Kai in the blink of an eye.

Kai quietly watched the man land before him. Casually, he raised his palm and caught the man’s fierce punch.

“H-How…” The man was astonished because, realistically, a cultivator at Second Level Body Fusion Realm shouldn’t be able to intercept his attack easily.

Furthermore, he was taken aback by Kai’s energy.

“Surprised, aren’t you? Well, there’s more to come,” Kai sneered.

Following that, the Power of Dragons burst out of his body. That immense power swiftly blasted the man away.

“W-What is this power? How can it be so terrifying?” Disbelief was written all over the man’s face as he fell from the air.
Instead of answering the question, Kai arrived in front of the man in a flash.

The man lost his composure and hastily raised his arms to shield himself from Kai’s assault.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t.

Kai’s punches rained down on him like a hailstorm.

Kai threw hundreds of punches, pushing the man backward.

The forbidden arcane array even shattered as Kai continued attacking violently.

The man leaned against the wall fearfully and spat out mouthfuls of blood.
He had never imagined a cultivator at Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm like him would be powerless against a cultivator at Second Level Body Fusion Realm.

If he had known of that outcome, he wouldn’t have tried to seize Kai’s heavenly thunder fruits.

Looking at Kai’s cold eyes, the man trembled in fear and pleaded, “Please, spare me. You and I are alchemists and have a close relationship with Emerald Cauldron Sect.”

The man was aware that Kai was from Emerald Cauldron Sect. After all, Ghaylen had been following Kai around. Many people, especially the alchemists who attended the Alchemist Fair, knew Ghaylen.

“If I had been the one who was driven to a corner, would you have spared me because I was an alchemist from Emerald Cauldron Sect?” Kai asked.

At that moment, the man was at a loss for words because he definitely wouldn’t have shown Kai mercy in that scenario.

Seeing that the man was staying silent, Kai conjured a flame in his right hand. “Since you were planning to melt me with Erosion Powder, I shall do the same to you with spiritual fire.”


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