The Mans Decree Chapter 2810

Chapter 2810 Misremembering
An awkward expression spread across the faces of the few cultivators standing on the pitch-dark street.

They had wanted to fish in troubled waters, but things had taken an unexpected turn.

They had thought the cultivator at Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm could easily win against a cultivator at Second Level Body Fusion Realm.

As long as that man acquired the heavenly thunder fruits, they could threaten him and get a share of the spoils.

Little did they expect that cultivator at Fifth Level Body Fusion Realm to be the one who got beaten up to the point of kneeling and begging for mercy.

Those on-looking cultivators had witnessed Kai’s true strength.

All of them secretly felt relieved that they didn’t attack Kai rashly.

Kai stared at those cultivators with ulterior motives coldly, frightening them so much that they dared not meet his eyes.

“Young friend, we’re just wandering around at night because sleep eludes us.”

“That’s right. We’re just taking a stroll. That’s all!”
“I see a tavern with lights on up ahead. Let’s go have a few drinks.”

The few cultivators hurriedly explained, then hastily left the scene.

Kai didn’t bother with them and turned to walk back to his courtyard.
Upon returning to the room, Viola asked, “What happened?”

“It’s nothing. Some people were trying to lay their hands on the heavenly thunder fruits, but they were driven away by the people of Jipsdale. No fighting is allowed in Jipsdale, so they didn’t dare attack me,” Kai said.

“That’s great. Since everything is fine, let’s continue,” Viola said, blushing as she embraced Kai.

Kai also smiled. He knew Viola had gotten a taste of his prowess in bed.

He rolled over, and the two spent another intimate night together.

The following day, Kai planned to take Yuven to meet with Gregory to see if the latter had a way to remove the poison from Yuven’s body.

Gregory’s Solaris Sect was located in the most luxurious residence where the Alchemist Fair was held.

Kai brought Yuven to the Alchemist Fair. The grand entrance gate demonstrated the prestige of the Alchemist Fair, reflecting the sheer importance Jipsdale regarded the event with.

Upon reaching the gate, Kai and Yuven noticed two cultivators at Third Level Body Fusion Realm guarding the entrance.

“The Alchemist Fair has not yet begun. Unauthorized personnel cannot enter.” One of the guards stopped Kai and Yuven.

“Sir, I have a token here,” Kai said while taking out Gregory’s token.
Only after seeing the token did the guard nod and say, “You may enter. Solaris Sect’s residence is the third building on the left. Don’t wander around. Do you understand?”

“We got it.” Kai nodded, then entered the Alchemist Fair with Yuven.

Following the guard’s instructions, Kai found Solaris Sect’s residence. As Solaris Sect was one of the judges for the event, their members were allowed to lodge within the Alchemist Fair area, while the participating sects could only stay outside.

The security at Solaris Sect’s residence was tight, with men standing guard at the entrance.

Kai produced the token and successfully entered the residence. Then, he led Yuven to take a seat in the living room.

“Mr. Chance, is that you?” Not long after, Gregory’s voice sounded.
The next second, he could be seen rushing into the room.

He was delighted to see Kai.

A youthful and beautiful girl in her twenties was trailing behind Gregory.

She kept sizing Kai up.

“Pearl, this is Mr. Chance. He’s my savior, the one who saved me from the Demonic Cultivators. Hurry up and express your gratitude,” Gregory said to the girl behind him.

“Master, this guy is just a cultivator at Second Level Body Fusion Realm. He’s even weaker than me, so how could he have possibly saved you? You’re not misremembering, are you?”

Pearl gazed at Kai, doubting that he had rescued Gregory from the Demonic Cultivators, judging by Kai’s low cultivation level.


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