The Mans Decree Chapter 2812

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2812-“Shut up. You dare to disobey my orders?” Gregory demanded, glaring at Pearl.

“Master, one must be at least a Third Level Top Tier alchemist to enter Jipsdale’s alchemist evaluation site. Do you think that brat qualifies? I’ve only just advanced to that level in alchemy, and that guy definitely isn’t at that level. Taking him will only be a waste of time.” She looked down on Kai, thinking he had a low cultivation level and pitiful alchemy skills.

“I told you to go, so just do as I say. What’s with all the excuses?” Gregory grew angry, and his expression darkened.

Seeing that her master was genuinely furious, she fell silent.

“Don’t mind her, Mr. Chance. I’ve spoiled this disciple of mine,” Gregory said to Kai apologetically.

“It’s okay,” Kai replied. Then, he continued with a smile, “However, I’ll need to trouble you to attend to my friend.”

“Don’t worry about it, Mr. Chance. When my seniors return, we’ll check on him immediately,” Gregory promised.

After that, Kai left with Pearl, and they headed toward Jipsdale’s alchemist evaluation site.

Since he was unfamiliar with Jipsdale, he could only follow her the whole way.

Pearl wore an icy expression and did not utter a single word to him.

While on their way to the evaluation site, they suddenly saw an elegant man in white robes with a sword in his hand. Several ladies were laughing and fooling around with each other beside him, and they appeared to be shopping.

As soon as Pearl spotted him, her eyes lit up, and she hurried after him without hesitation. “Roderick…”

The man turned around and smiled when he saw her. “Pearl, why do you have time to come out shopping? Doesn’t your master forbid you from coming out?”

“I’m taking someone to participate in the alchemist assessment. I wasn’t expecting to bump into you. What a pleasant surprise. I… I’ve missed you these last couple of days. I even dreamed of you last night.” After she said that, a blush spread across her cheeks.

Realization instantly dawned on Kai as he observed her reaction. She must like this guy!

However, the man’s gaze was indifferent. He changed the subject and asked, “Is this a new disciple your master has taken to be under your wing? He must be an outstanding young man.” The man walked up to Kai and looked the latter up and down. “Hello, I’m Roderick Gale.”

“Hi, I’m Kai Chance,” Kai responded, having no choice but to introduce himself.

When Roderick heard that, he paused for a moment and furrowed his brows slightly. “Kai Chance. Why does that name ring a bell?” Then, his eyes suddenly widened, and he fixed his gaze on Kai. “You… You’re the Kai Chance Mr. Stone says has three heavenly thunder fruits?”

Kai gazed at Roderick silently, neither confirming nor denying. I knew the news that I possess heavenly thunder fruits would soon be known to everyone. Roderick, however, has never met me before, yet he also knows about it. He must’ve heard it from someone.

Seeing that Kai made no response, Roderick guessed that it was true. There was envy in his eyes as he said, “I can’t believe you already have three heavenly thunder fruits at such a young age. I’m so envious…”

Pearl asked curiously, “What’s this heavenly thunder fruit, Roderick?”

“It’s just a type of medicinal herb. It’s nothing much,” he answered in a throwaway manner.

“So, it’s just some medicinal herb. If you like it, I’ll give it to you. Solaris Sect has all kinds of medicinal herbs,” she responded naively.

Roderick merely smiled at her wordlessly.

Kai turned to her and said, “We should hurry and be on our way.”

She rolled her eyes at him, then said to Roderick with a besotted expression, “I’ll be taking him to the examination site, then. I’ll come and find you when I have time.”

Roderick nodded and left with the ladies beside him.

She watched him walk away like a lovesick puppy, and it was not until he disappeared from sight that she snapped back to reality.


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