The Mans Decree Chapter 2817

Pearl turned around, looking at Kai who had already stood up. “Why did you have to brag and use a crucible, huh? Luckily it didn’t hurt Roderick. Otherwise, I’ll make sure you pay for it.” Kai was displeased to hear that. However, for Gregory’s sake, he suppressed his displeasure in his heart..

“Well, your test is over since the crucible exploded and you didn’t produce any pill. A young man like you should cultivate earnestly instead of bragging.” The examiner frowned.

After all, he was the one who had agreed to let Kai produce a pill with the crucible. He couldn’t afford to bear the responsibility for the exploded object.

“Who said I fail?” Kai smiled faintly. “The crucible exploded. Does that not count as a failure?” the examiner asked.

“Of course not!” Kai opened his hand, revealing a green Fifth Level Top Tier pill on his palm. The thick scent of the pill flooded the room. Everyone was startled as they stared at the pill in his hand.

After a long while, the examiner snapped back to his senses. “Let me check if it’s a Fifth Level Top Tier pill.” Kai tossed the pill to the examiner, allowing him to inspect it.

Soon, the examiner widened his eyes in shock. “This… This is a perfect Fifth Level Top Tier pill! How is the creation of a flawless Fifth Level Top Tier pill achievable in such a short time? I can’t believe it!”

“What? It’s not a semi-finished pill?” Pearl was taken aback, too. Roderick’s face turned grim as he knitted his eyebrows.

He couldn’t believe that Kai had successfully created a perfect Fifth Level Top Tier pill in such a short amount of time. Even he couldn’t accomplish that absurd feat in that timeframe.

Additionally, Kai had used a crucible, not a pill cauldron. If had used a pill cauldron, he could’ve created the pill even faster.

At that moment, Roderick’s pupils constricted. If Kai also participates in the Alchemist Fair, I’ll most likely lose the chance to take the top spot!

“He… He actually made a flawless Fifth Level Top Tier pill, Roderick! It’s unbelievable!” Pearl spoke as she held the pill Kai had created. Roderick snapped back to his senses and inspected the pill, too. Indeed, the pill is impeccable.

“Does this mean that I’ve passed the test?” asked Kai. “Yes, of course.” The examiner nodded. “I’ll contact the others to prepare your certificate right now!”

Kai gave Pearl a smirk before leaving the room. Pearl had been looking down on Kai, but he had proven to her that her assumptions were wrong.

“Why’s he acting all arrogant? He only passed the Fifth Level Top Tier exam. I bet you can also pass if you take the same test, Roderick!” she scoffed while staring at Kai.

Roderic remained silent. He could also pass the test because his alchemical ability had reached beyond Fifth Level Top Tier. The only reason he wasn’t considered a Fifth Level Top Tier alchemist was because he didn’t take another exam.

He didn’t take the exam in time because he wanted to act weaker than he really was. At’that moment, he was still shocked by Kai’s performance. Not only did Kai pass the test, but he did it with flying colors.

The fact that Kai could produce a Fifth Level Top Tier pill in the time it took for a candle to burn out was absurd. Roderick knew that there was no way for him to pull that off, much less make one that was perfect.

Yet, Kai could.


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