The Mans Decree Chapter 2818

“Ms. Pearl, aren’t you coming out?” Kai shouted when he realized that Pearl was still inside after he had stepped out of the alchemy room. “Stop yelling. I’m coming,” Pearl said, her eyes fixed on Roderick.

Finally, she stepped out of the alchemy room. Pearl knew that if she didn’t follow Kai back, she would be punished by Gregory.

“Pearl, can’t you stay a little longer? I just want to spend more time with you,” Roderick said. His voice, filled with longing, stopped Pearl in her tracks, and he suddenly reached out to grab her hand. “Roderick, I don’t want to leave either, but if I don’t return, my master will punish me,” Pearl said, looking troubled.

“Pearl, do you know how much I’ve missed you these past few days?” Roderick said, his face filled with anticipation. “Can’t you stay with me. a little longer?”

As Pearl looked into Roderick’s pleading eyes, her heart melted. She nodded and said, “All right, I’ll stay with you a little longer.”

Roderick’s face lit up. Happiness enveloped him as he clasped Pearl’s hand as if fearing she might vanish. “Kai, you head back first. I’ll stay a while longer, Pearl said. Kai merely glanced at Pearl before turning to leave.

He could see that Roderick felt nothing for Pearl. Roderick was only playing games with her. However, Pearl was oblivious to it and was still being deceived by Roderick. As for why Roderick was doing this, Kai didn’t know, nor did he care to find out.

It didn’t concern him if Pearl was beguiled. He only had to ensure his own women were loyal to him. He couldn’t care less about other women.

After Kai departed, Roderick led Pearl away. Outside the evaluation site, he looked deeply into her eyes and asked, “Pearl, do you know anything about this Kai guy?”

Pearl shook her head. “I don’t know much. I only know that he’s from Emerald Cauldron Sect. My master said Kai saved him from Demonic Cultivators one time while my master was traveling. Otherwise, why would I take him here. to the evaluation site? He looks really annoying at first glance.”

Roderick’s face turned solemn. Given Kai’s current abilities, it would be really difficult for Roderick to win first place in the Alchemist Fair. “Roderick, what’s wrong?” Pearl asked, noticing the storm in his eyes.

“Pearl, you know, the count of Jipsdale has a special reward for the winner of this Alchemist Fair. I really want to get the prize, but… with Kai here, I fear losing to him,” Roderick confessed, his voice laced with concern.

“You’re always the best to me, Roderick. You can’t possibly lose to him. You must have confidence in yourself!” Pearl said, her eyes filled with unwavering belief.

“Pearl, it’s not that I lack the confidence to win. My alchemy skills are just no match for Kai’s. I don’t have the ability to produce a perfect Fifth Level Top Tier pill in such a short time,” Roderick admitted.

He knew himself. Before witnessing Kai’s alchemy skills, he had the confidence to win. However, at that moment, his confidence wavered. “Oh, what do we do, then?” Pearl’s voice trembled with anxiety. “There’s only one way. It depends on whether you want to help me or not…”

“Roderick, tell me. I’ll do anything for you,” Pearl said resolutely. Roderick’s face lit up, and he whispered his plan into Pearl’s ear. Her face turned pale. “R-Roderick, t-this won’t do! If my master finds out, I’m good as dead.”


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