The Mans Decree Chapter 2820

Gregory calmed himself and asked, “Mr. Chance, let’s not talk about him. How was your evaluation?” “I passed the evaluation,” replied Kai. “Which level are you? Is it Third Level Top Tier?” asked Gregory.

“Fifth Level Top Tier, actually,” said Kai with a laugh. “Fifth Level Top Tier?” Gregory was stunned to hear that. He’s at the same alchemist level as I am!

Everyone knows how powerful Kai is, but I didn’t expect his alchemy skill to be equally strong. He’s truly omnipotent!

“Mr. Stark, what is your verdict regarding the poison in my friend’s body?” Kai inquired. Gregory regained his senses and said guiltily, “After a thorough examination, we still could not find a cure. I’m so sorry about that…”

“It’s all right, Mr. Stark. There’s no need to blame yourself. This poison is indeed very unique. I will take my time to find a solution!” In truth, Kai was also very disappointed when he heard that Gregory could not do anything about the poison.

“Mr. Chance, we might not be able to cure your friend, but I know of someone who definitely can.”

“Who’s that?” asked Kai hurriedly. “The count of Jipsdale, who is also an advanced alchemist, will surely be able to help your friend,” answered Gregory. Kai perked up when he heard that. “Mr. Stark, can we trouble you to bring us to meet the count of Jipsdale?”

However, Gregory let out a bitter laugh. “Mr. Chance, you don’t know this, but not everyone can meet the count of Jipsdale. Even I have never met them. I don’t even have any idea if the count is a man or a woman! Basically, not many people have met the count of Jipsdale because Mr. Sparrow is the one who manages the county.”

Kai frowned when he heard that. “Is there nothing we can do about it? How can we meet the count?”

“Mr. Chance, the count of Jipsdale promised to give a special prize to the winner in this year’s Alchemist Fair. If you can win the competition, you will get a chance to meet the count. Then, there may be help for your friend,” explained Gregory. Kai nodded. No matter what, he had to be the winner at this year’s Alchemist Fair!

Gregory then introduced Kai to a few of his seniors. The elders of Solaris Sect were also very impressed with Kai’s ability to attain Fifth Level Top Tier in the alchemist evaluation despite his young age.

After a brief chat, Kai stood up and planned to leave with Yuven. However, Pearl returned at that time. “Brat, why won’t you obey me? Didn’t I tell you before not to have anything to do with Roderick?”

The moment Gregory saw Pearl, he started lecturing her. Pearl bowed her head and kept quiet. She even appeared aggrieved. “Mr. Stark, Ms. Pearl is still young. Once she gets a little older, things may get better,” advised Kai.

“Pearl, your master is doing this for your own good. Roderick isn’t a good man,” one of the elders chimed in. “Master, I know my mistake. I won’t do it again. Let me make some coffee for all of you. Please don’t be angry.”

With that, Pearl went to make coffee. When Gregory saw her meek demeanor, he understood there was no point in remaining angry. Letting out a sigh, he sat back down in his seat.

After taking in the way Pearl was walking, Kai knew she was not a little girl anymore. Then again, it had nothing to do with him.


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