The Mans Decree Chapter 2821

Just as Kai and Yuven were about to leave, Pearl came out with the coffee pot. “Mr. Chance, please have some coffee before you leave. I’m sorry about what happened today. I shouldn’t have treated you in that manner,” Pearl apologized with an ashamed expression.

Her apology confused Kai. Even so, he smiled casually and reassured her, “It’s okay. I didn’t take the matter to heart.” “Mr. Chance, what happened? Did Pearl offend you?” Gregory quickly asked.

“Oh, no! Everything’s fine.” Kai immediately shook his head. Gregory was well aware of Pearl’s temper and was certain she must have given Kai hell. Therefore, he ordered, “Pearl, pour Mr. Chance a cup of coffee!”

Pearl nodded and did as she was told. Moving closer to Kai, she offered him the cup. “Mr. Chance, I shouldn’t have looked down on you. I’m sorry for my bad attitude earlier…”

Pearl appeared very sincere, so Kai had no choice but to accept the coffee and down it in one go. After that, Gregory and his seniors began. drinking coffee and chatting. Very soon, the pot of coffee was gone, and Kai left with Yuven. Looking at the empty coffee pot, Pearl did not know whether to feel nervous or excited..

“Pearl, don’t wander during tomorrow’s Alchemist Fair. Stick close to me and learn as much as you can. In the future when I get older, I will hand my position as a judge over to you!” instructed Gregory.

“I understand!” Pearl nodded. Meanwhile, Kai and Yuven had not gone too far away when he suddenly felt chaos in his consciousness field. “Mr. Chance, there’s something damaging your consciousness field…”

Just then, Faiyar’s voice rang out. As Faiyar was currently residing in Kai’s consciousness field, the moment the latter’s consciousness field was attacked, Faiyar would be the first to detect it.

Kai frowned and used his spiritual sense to enter his consciousness field. All he could see was a grey mist, and it was hard for Kai to focus his mental energy. He was still trying to figure out what that was when a golden ray flashed across his consciousness field.

In an instant, the grey mist dissipated, and his consciousness field became as clear as day again! It was only after checking that his consciousness field was fine that Kai felt relieved.

“Mr. Chance, what happened?” asked Yuven when he saw Kai’s strange expression. Shaking his head, Kai answered, “Oh, it’s nothing. I’m probably just exhausted from recent events.”

“Mr. Chance, if we can’t find a way to detoxify the poison, so be it. I’ll accept my fate. Please don’t be too anxious about it.” Yuven felt very guilty as he thought Kai was worried because of the poison in his body. “It’s all right. I’ll definitely find a cure for you.”

Kai smiled nonchalantly before the two of them continued on their way. A moment later, shocked expressions took over their faces. They could sense a terrifying aura coming toward them, so strong that it paralyzed them.

Kai frowned as his face turned grim. Flames flickered to life on his palms. Judging from the incoming aura, the person had to be extremely powerful. Given Kai’s current capability, there was no way he could handle the newcomer.

As such, Kai whipped out the demonic fire in advance. The moment things went awry, he would make his move and run. Just then, a middle-aged man wearing a cape and spotting a pair of wings showed up in front of Kai and Yuven.


The look on Yuven’s face changed when he saw who it was.


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