The Mans Decree Chapter 2822

“King Yuven? I didn’t expect to see you here! ! was wondering who could possibly snatch my heavenly thunder fruit. It turns out you were backing him. This brat is only at the Second Level of Body Fusion Realm. Even if his strength were to be enhanced by a few levels, he still wouldn’t be able to harvest my heavenly thunder fruit. So, it was you who took my heavenly thunder fruit!” Thunderhawk’s face was flushed with rage, his eyes radiating intense killing intent that sent chills down the spines of Kai and Yuven.

Facing Thunderhawk, Kai felt a trace of fear creeping into his heart. However, it seemed Thunderhawk was still unaware that Yuven’s strength had been suppressed.

In that case, they could attempt to deceive Thunderhawk for the time being. After all, Yuven’s original strength was on par with Thunderhawk’s.

Kai glanced at Yuven, shooting a meaningful look at the latter. Yuven immediately fathomed Kai’s intention. Feigning nonchalance, he chirped at Thunderhawk, “Thunderhawk, all I did was take three of your heavenly thunder fruits. Do you need to be so angry? Your heavenly thunder tree has ten fruits, and I only picked three instead of taking all of them. I’ve already been quite considerate!”

“Yuven, you’re shameless! How dare you still behave so audaciously after stealing my heavenly thunder fruit? Do you believe I’ll flatten your Imperial Beast City?” Thunderhawk roared.

“Quit boasting, Thunderhawk. If you could do that, would you have waited until now? I might as well let you in on a piece of information. My daughter will be marrying King Lucian’s son. Once our two families are united, what do you think will happen?” Yuven said with a smirk.

A nervous expression instantly spread across Thunderhawk’s countenance after he heard that. He stared intently at Yuven, the muscles of his face twitching. “You two families won’t band together to deal with me, will you?” Thunderhawk inquired.

“Why don’t you make a guess?” Yuven grinned. Thunderhawk didn’t reply. There’s no need to guess. If Imperial Beast City were to ally with Norwal City, they’ll definitely join forces to target me! In an instant, Thunderhawk seemed somewhat fearful..

Initially, the three sides had been in a delicate balance, with no party daring to make a move as they were afraid the third party would benefit from any conflicts.

However, the situation was different now. If Norwal City and Imperial Beast City formed an alliance, Hawk King Cave would be in danger.

Taking in the changes on Thunderhawk’s face, Yuven knew his ruse had worked, so he continued, “Thunderhawk, I merely took three of your heavenly thunder fruits. If you let this matter slide, I can assure you that we, Imperial Beast City, will never be your enemy. Even if we were to join forces to target you, it would be for the heavenly thunder fruits. Since I’ve acquired the fruits, why would I ally with King Lucian?”

Thunderhawk grew hesitant after listening to Yuven’s elaboration, feeling the latter had a point. Amidst Thunderhawk’s dithering, Yuven seized the moment and pressed further, “If you disagree, you can take the three heavenly thunder fruits in my possession by force now. However, once you do so, I can guarantee you’ll lose all ten of your heavenly thunder fruits! I’ll even work with King Lucian to uproot your heavenly thunder tree and destroy your Hawk King Cave, reducing you to a homeless, lowly being!”

Yuven’s aura frightened Thunderhawk, prompting the latter to speak at once. “Yuven, I hope you’ll keep your word. Consider those three heavenly thunder fruits a gift from me.”

With that, Thunderhawk turned around to leave. Watching Thunderhawk depart, Yuven immediately let out a long sigh of relief. It would have been troublesome if Thunderhawk knew his strength had already been suppressed.

However, just as Yuven breathed a sigh of relief, his facial expression changed abruptly. Before Yuven realized it, Thunderhawk had reappeared in midair, glaring at Yuven and saying, “Yuven, your aura has been suppressed, yet you still dare to deceive me! You’re courting death!”


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