The Mans Decree Chapter 2825

Kai did not persuade Gregory further, knowing the reason behind the latter’s words . After all, Mr. Stark is a Fifth Level Top Tier alchemist, so he should know if there’s something wrong with his health.

Meanwhile, Roderick felt giddy inside when he noticed Gregory and the others looking disoriented and pallid. However, the sight of Kai chatting merrily with a clear intellect left him perplexed.

Roderick stood up and shot Pearl a look. The latter hurriedly followed him outside while Gregory was distracted. Kai saw Pearl running after Roderick but decided not to voice it out.

“Did Kai take the drug, Pearl?” Roderick asked. “Yes. At that time, I put it in the pot and witnessed Kai and my masters drinking the coffee with my own eyes. How can there be any mistake?” Pearl said with a firm expression.

“That’s strange. Why is this guy not displaying any signs of poisoning?” Roderick knitted his brows with a puzzled look on his face.

“Roderick, could it be that everyone’s physique is different, so the effect of the drug is also different?” Pearl suggested. “It’s possible. Since he’s taken the medicine, there’s nothing to worry about. The first place in this competition will surely be mine.”

A smile tugged at Roderick’s lips. “Roderick, after you win first place this time, you must remember your promise to take me far, far away!” Pearl reminded as she held his hand. “Don’t worry. You’re already mine. Who else will I take with me other than you?”

Roderick’s tender caress of her face delighted her. About an hour later, several melodious bells chimed, and everyone in the hall stood up.

“The competition is about to begin, Mr. Chance. Let’s make our way to Alchemy Square,” Gregory said to Kai.

“After you, Mr. Stark,” responded Kai, extending his arm in a polite gesture. The group of people left the hall and headed to Alchemy Square.

At that moment, the surroundings of the large square were already full of people, all of whom came to enjoy the show. “The contestant waiting area is off to the side.. If you would excuse me, Mr. Chance.”

As judges, Gregory and the others were required to go on stage, while Kai and his group needed to wait below. Kai flashed him a smile. “Please, go ahead, Mr. Stark.”

Gregory and the others walked onto the stage and sat in the judges’ seats. As for Pearl, she stood behind Gregory. There was a vacant seat right in the center of the judges’ table, indicating that there was still a judge who had not arrived.

“Mr. Chance, the centermost seat is reserved for the judge from Jipsdale. In the interest of fairness in this Alchemist Fair competition, Jipsdale will also send a judge to prevent anyone from cheating. The competition should begin once the judge arrives, so prepare yourself beforehand,” Ghaylen informed Kai.

In response, Kai nodded with a smile. Soon, an elderly man descended from the sky and slowly landed in the only vacant seat among the judges.

Kai observed as Gregory and the others greeted the elderly person, and then the competition officially began. Shortly after, the many guards of Jipsdale each placed a pill cauldron on the stage and arranged medicinal herbs in front of them.

The pill cauldrons and medicinal herbs provided were identical to ensure fairness. This meant that the alchemists were competing in terms of expertise.

“I now announce that the competition has begun! Contestants, take your positions. All your pill cauldrons and medicinal herbs are identical. This first round is based on speed. Whoever crafts a Third Level Top Tier pill first is the winner. Only twenty contestants will remain after this round, so give it your all.”

The elderly judge from Jipsdale got up and announced in a clear and ringing voice.


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