The Mans Decree Chapter 2828

Roderick panicked when he saw Kai’s Focus Pill glow increasingly brighter. He mustered all of his strength and unleashed his spiritual sense to help his Focus Pill absorb it, but he was still unable to keep up with Kai’s speed.

Suddenly, the look in Roderick’s eyes grew intense as he subtly pinched his fingers and unleashed a faint aura into his surroundings.

As Kai was standing the closest to Roderick, he detected that aura immediately. There was a force within the aura that kept sucking away Kai’s spiritual sense.

Kai sneered as a ray of golden light flashed within his consciousness field. Like a rat that had seen a cat, Roderick’s aura disappeared almost instantly. Although Roderick’s trick wasn’t able to harm Kai, the same could not be said about the other alchemists.

They all began to panic as they realized their spiritual sense was draining rapidly, and there was nothing they could do to stop it from happening. After Roderick finished absorbing everyone else’s spiritual sense, his Focus Pill started shining brightly as well.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Suddenly, the Focus Pills of three out of the five alchemists exploded, and their spiritual sense dispersed instantly.

Only Kai’s and Roderick’s Focus Pills were still glowing brightly. As the time ran out, Kai and Roderick were holding their respective Focus Pills.

The appearance and texture of the Focus Pills looked fairly identical, so the only way to compare them was through the spiritual sense contained within said Focus Pills. “You can’t win even if you use such dirty tricks!”

Kai said. “Is that so? We shall see…” Roderick replied with a cunning smile. Although he had no idea why Kai’s spiritual sense was still so powerful even though his consciousness field was damaged, Roderick had a backup plan ready.

The elderly judges from Solaris Sect had all been poisoned as well, so they would soon not be able to think clearly. According to Roderick’s plan, Pearl would then use her power to declare his Focus Pill the winner.

Both Focus Pills were presented to the judges, who began observing the quality of the pills. Staring at the two pills, Gregory enveloped them with his powerful mental energy. A few seconds later, however, Gregory’s body. swayed violently, and he became woozy all of a sudden.

Pearl quickly ran up to him and held him steady as she asked, “Master, which of these two Focus Pills is stronger?”

By then, Gregory was so out of it that he couldn’t differentiate the strength of the Focus Pills. Even so, he slowly lifted his hand anyway. Seeing that, Pearl quickly held his hand and pointed his finger at Roderick’s Focus Pill.

Once someone had recorded his decision, the Focus Pills were passed on to the remaining judges. Following that, Pearl would stand behind the judges who were examining the Focus Pills and guide them into choosing Roderick’s. She even secretly winked at Roderick after she was done with her task.

Roderick flashed her a gleeful smile in response. Little did they know, Kai had noticed their interaction. He frowned slightly as he realized the two of them were definitely in cahoots with each other.

However, when it came to the final elderly judge, he froze after enveloping the Focus Pills with his mental energy. The vast spiritual sense within Kai’s Focus Pill was something he had never experienced before.

Although Roderick’s Focus Pill resembled that of Kai’s in terms of its appearance, it was the spiritual sense inside the Focus Pill that would determine its quality.

When compared to Kai’s Focus Pill, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Roderick’s was utter garbage.


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