The Mans Decree Chapter 2833

“So, this is a spiritual cauldron. Impressive! If I had that in my possession, I could craft a Fifth Level Top Tier pill,” someone marveled.

His companion retorted, “You’re too modest. If this spiritual cauldron were mine, I could unquestionably concoct a Sixth Level pill. Since Roderick is a Fifth Level Low Tier alchemist, I’m curious about the level of pill he’ll be able to produce with this spiritual cauldron.”

All eyes were fixed on Roderick’s spiritual cauldron with a tinge of envy, including Gregory and others in the audience. Roderick took satisfaction in being the recipient of everyone’s covetous glances.

“Okay. Since both sides have agreed, we will proceed. You will both use your own cauldrons to craft any pills! Jipsdale will provide the herbs you need. Please make the preparations now!” the elderly judge announced.

Upon hearing this, the crowd turned their attention to Kai, eager to catch a glimpse of his pill cauldron. However, Kai’s hands remained empty. He didn’t take out his pill cauldron.

“Kai, why haven’t you unveiled your pill cauldron? Do you intend to compete against me without one?” Roderick inquired with curiosity.

Kai replied, “I’m concerned that you might flee in terror upon witnessing my pill cauldron, so I’ll allow you to start the pill-crafting process first.”

The elderly judge turned to Kai and issued a reminder, “Dear contestant, we have a time constraint, and both competitors must begin simultaneously. The competition will commence soon, so are you sure you won’t take out your pill cauldron?”

Kai responded, “Let the competition begin now. If I don’t give him more time, I’m concerned it might be perceived as me bullying him.”

Roderick declared with a smug grin, “Kai, don’t get ahead of yourself. I’ll have you know that I intend to craft a Seventh Level pill this time. If you can’t match that, leave the stage immediately! Creating a Fifth Level Top Tier pill doesn’t give you the right to be arrogant. I’ll make sure you experience the bitterness of a resounding defeat!”

Kai replied, “Fine, then. If you’re crafting a Seventh Level pill, I’ll do the same.” Hearing that, Roderick burst out laughing. “Are you serious? How are you going to craft a Seventh Level pill? You don’t even have a pill cauldron.”

Kai’s lips curved. “Just leave me be. Even if I poop a Seventh Level pill out, that’s none of your business. Roderick was caught off guard by the retort. His expression darkened as he proclaimed, “You won’t understand your mistake until it’s too late, will you? Judge, let’s commence the competition. I’ll demonstrate the prowess of my spiritual cauldron!”

He didn’t want to waste more time talking to Kai anymore. The elderly judge cast a glance at Kai and discerned that the latter had no intention of revealing his pill cauldron. Therefore, he waved his hand and declared, “The competition begins now!”

Upon hearing the signal, Roderick swiftly chose several medicinal herbs from the selection provided by Jipsdale. Following the recipe for the Seventh Level pill, he placed all the herbs into his spiritual cauldron, initiating the pill crafting process.

A spiritual fire ignited within the spiritual cauldron, causing it to emanate a brilliant glow before a dense herbal aroma wafted through the vicinity.

The onlookers observed Roderick in silence as. he crafted the pill. Meanwhile, Kai remained unfazed, displaying no indication of commencing the pill-crafting process. Instead, he closely monitored Roderick’s actions.

“Why isn’t Kai doing anything? Does he have a trump card or something?” “Nonsense! I believe he’s conceded defeat and is intentionally trying to provoke Roderick. When Roderick unveiled his spiritual cauldron, Kai realized he’d lose. That’s why he’s acting so arrogantly.”

Everyone assumed that Kai was putting up an act and that Roderick would definitely win this round. Pearl was inwardly delighted. Let’s see how long Kai’s act can last. It seems that Roderick will win for sure!

“What is Mr. Chance doing? Is he admitting defeat?” Gregory demanded. He grew anxious as Kai remained unmoving. In the end, Gregory even took out his own pill cauldron. While it couldn’t match Roderick’s spiritual cauldron, it was superior to ordinary pill cauldrons.


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