The Mans Decree Chapter 2922

The annihilation of the spirits who had tried to flee caused all the others to freeze in fear. “Destroy the shield at the exit at once! Once its broken, you will have your freedom,” Kai commanded them as if he were herding sheep.

Invigorated by Kai’s words, the spirits howled in unison. They were desperate for their freedom after being sealed away for what seemed like an eternity. They charged toward the shield like a swarm of hornets.

As the spirits crashed into the shield, they showed no fear despite some being thrown back by the backlash and others being annihilated. Their thirst for freedom motivated them to attack the shield relentlessly.

When the others witnessed the spirits’ maniacal behavior, they could only gape in shock. They knew that they would have been drowned. alive by the sheer number of spirits if not for Kai and his whip.

Boom… Boom…

The endless impacts on the shield resulted in a thundering rumble as if the entire mountain was shaking.

Meanwhile, the two Demonic Cultivators outside were watching nearby. The moment they heard the loud noise and saw the ice mountain shaking, they couldn’t help but feel excited.

“Is the seal really broken? It sounds like the seal was opened and those spirits were released.”

“It’s possible. If that’s the case, we will have succeeded!”

The two envisioned the scene of being rewarded. After all, they were the ones who had tricked Kai and the others into the cave to absorb the ice crystal’s energy. At that moment, cracks were beginning to show on the supposedly impregnable shield within the cave.

Kai held Demon Flogger in his hand and stared at the cave entrance. The moment the shield disappeared, he had to be the first to get out so that he could prevent the spirits from escaping.

Untold chaos would descend upon the far north if that were to happen, for the massive number of spirits would need countless cultivators as their hosts. Kai gave Cloud, Vasily, Sunny, and the others a look.

Knowing Kai’s intention, all of them nodded in acknowledgment. However, the spirits were oblivious to what was in store for them. They were giving their all in an attempt to regain their freedom.

Rumble… Rumble…

Finally, the shield was destroyed by the spirit’s relentless attacks. The moment it shattered, Kai dashed to the cave entrance like a flash of lightning. Demon Flogger emitted a light, and he struck it at them.

A few spirits were turned to dust, causing the rest to stagger back in fear. It was during that window of opportunity that Vasily and the others escaped from the cave.

“The stronger ones stay back with me to block the entrance. The rest of you, hurry up and get out!” Kai yelled with Demon Flogger in his hand.

Upon hearing Kai’s words, Konce, Sunny, Lofton, and Cloud chose to stay back. They were after all the most powerful within the group. Everyone else ran out of the cave.

At that crucial moment, they knew that they had to work together to stop the spirits from escaping to the far north. Otherwise, a great calamity would befall Ethereal Realm.

On top of that, they feared the danger of the spirits getting out in the open. Even if Kai had Demon Flogger in his hand, it wouldn’t be enough for them to control the spirits.

“How dare you lie to us!” one of the spirits roared upon realizing that something was amiss. The rest of them howled in unison before charging at Kai and his companions. They were desperate to flee the cave to regain their freedom in the outside world.

Kai kept waving Demon Flogger in his hand. The others, on the other hand, fired out rays of spiritual energy that turned into hurricanes that swept the spirits back.

Even though the attacks couldn’t hurt the spirits, they could stop the spirits from attacking.


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