The Mans Decree Chapter 2923

Kai waited for everyone to escape the cave, then bit his finger and pulled out a couple of talisman papers before drawing special diagrams on them with his blood.

“What are you doing, Mr. Chance?” Cloud asked. “I’m going to blow up the entrance and seal those spirits inside!” As he spoke, he attached the completed charms to the wall.

Every time he affixed an explosive charm on a surface, he would retreat for a short distance with the group. It wasn’t until they saw the light coming from the outside that Kai gestured for them to sprint out. He then performed a spell with his hands before shouting at the entrance, “Detonate!”

In an instant, the cave that stretched thousands of meters underground exploded and flames could be seen. At the last moment, Kai rushed out of the cave. The cave collapsed and the spirits were once again trapped underground.

“Kai, are you all right?” Viola asked worriedly.

“I’m fine.” Kai smiled while shaking his head. Everyone was relieved that they had successfully escaped. Many people thanked Kai. Even Konce’s opinion of Kai had changed as he proactively thanked the young man.

At that moment, the two Demonic Cultivators sped toward the crowd’s location likely because they had detected that something was off.

“The two Demonic Cultivators are coming. All of you, hide.” Kai’s spiritual sense was powerful enough to detect the incoming enemies.

“Those two lied to us, Mr. Chance. I’m going to tear them apart!” Cloud growled.

“That’s right! There’s no way we’ll forgive them. We must torture them to death!” Konce was also full of anger. Those people were furious at the two Demonic Cultivators. They wanted to capture those two and make them suffer.

“You guys leave for now. If those two notice we’ve all escaped, they’ll definitely flee. There must still be a massive Demonic Cultivator organization in the far north. There’s no way those two are the only ones here. I’ll lure them here alone while you all wait for an ambush,” Kai said.

Only then did the crowd understand that he was intending to find out the organization those two Demonic Cultivators belonged to. Quickly, everyone left and hid far beyond the Demonic Cultivators’ detection range.

If those two detected their presence, their efforts would be for naught When the two Demonic Cultivators arrived at the ice mountain and saw the collapsed entrance, they were dumbfounded.

“W-What’s going on? Did the spirits fail to escape?” One of the Demonic Cultivators stared at the destroyed cave entrance in disbelief. And we thought we could receive credit for it! Now we’re doomed!

“Who’s there?” The other Demonic Cultivator noticed something right then.

“Did someone make it out alive?” The dumbfounded Demonic Cultivator snapped back to his senses and scanned his surroundings.

The Demonic Cultivators promptly activated their spiritual sense to initiate their search. Soon, they noticed the person hiding from them. One of the Demonic Cultivators barked, “Come out! We know you’re there!”

“To think you two are still sticking around. Did you two plan to watch us vanish before leaving? I’m afraid you two are in for a disappointment, then.”

Kai slowly emerged from the side of the ice mountain. The duo was visibly astounded to see Kai still alive.

“I can’t believe you’re still alive, but this is perfect. We’ll bring you to meet Lord Inferno Devil and find out why you know how to use our demonic fire!” one of the Demonic Cultivators said.

“Do you really think you two are enough to capture me? Let’s see if you can do that.” The moment Kai ended his sentence, he leaped into the air and vanished.

“How dare you try to run! Get him!” The Demonic Cultivator duo promptly pursued Kai.


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