The Mans Decree Chapter 2924

Neither of the Demonic Cultivators had expected the people trapped inside the ice mountain to escape or prepare an ambush for them ahead

Since the cave had collapsed and none of the spirits could escape, the Demonic Cultivators must return to their base with Kai. They kept using their spiritual senses to lock onto Kai’s location, preventing him from escaping.

When Kai landed back on the ground, he hastily drew a large diagram on the snow before sitting cross-legged in the middle. It was an arcane array, and it would activate when the two Demonic Cultivators stepped inside.

Soon, the two Demonic Cultivators caught up to their target. When they saw Kai sitting on the ground calmly, they were puzzled.

At that moment, the giant arcane array was activated. White mist filled the air and illusory demon beasts appeared. Although the demon beasts were made of the mist, their roars still carried a terrifying aura capable of intimidating anyone.

“Do you really think that puny arcane array is enough to stop us?” one of the Demonic Cultivators scoffed, and an ice spear appeared in his hand.

The ice spear was tipped with a raging inferno. Ice and fire are not compatible, but the Demonic Cultivator managed to use both fire and ice simultaneously.

The Demonic Cultivator with the spear turned to his companion and said, “You check the surroundings for any ambushes. I’ll deal with this guy.”

It was evident that the Demonic Cultivator was quite cautious. The other Demonic Cultivator nodded before leaping away. Meanwhile, the one with the spear launched an attack.

He stabbed the ground with his weapon and generated gales in his surroundings, shooting wind blades at Kai. The mist demon beasts roared and charged forward. When the wind blades damaged them, they instantly turned back into mist again.

Kai retreated, avoiding the wind blades. Seeing that, the Demonic Cultivator smirked and launched himself toward his target in the form of a storm.

At that moment, the Demonic Cultivator was wholly inside Kai’s arcane array. He wasn’t afraid of an arcane array that produced illusory demon beasts.

Upon entering the arcane array, the Demonic Cultivator saw that Kai was retreating rapidly, prompting him to launch his attack that struck Kai like arrows. Having been stabbed, Kai vomited blood, and his body started to bleed The Demonic Cultivator smirked and grabbed Kai’s collar. “There’s no way you can escape me!”

At that moment, the other Demonic Cultivator concluded his search for ambushes and returned to his companion. He noticed his companion laughing at the air, holding a spear in one hand and nothing in the other.

“Hey!” he shouted, snapping his companion back to his senses. The latter noticed Kai was gone from his grip. “Is this an illusion array?”

Immediately, he swung his spear, causing a storm of fire to rise. The arcane array that Kai had planted vanished in the fire.

“This guy’s pretty good with arcane arrays. We shouldn’t let our guard down. We should attack him at the same time!” The other Demonic Cultivator spoke and summoned a magic sword. Both of them attacked Kai together.

Kai buried his fingers into the ground. Following that, the earth shook, and white chains of spiritual energy surged, binding the two Demonic Cultivators.

When the two Demonic Cultivators noticed they were bound, their expression darkened.


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