The Mans Decree Chapter 2925

The two Demonic Cultivators exchanged glances before their bodies burst into flames, Their demonic fire began to scorch the spiritual energy chains. After only a few moments, the spiritual energy chains were incinerated.

“Do you really think that can stop us? What a joke. You’d better give up now, brat!” One of the Demonic Cultivators smirked.

“You two aren’t powerful enough to catch me,” Kai sneered. Following that, dozens of people arrived at his location. The two Demonic Cultivators frowned when they realized that everyone trapped in the cave had successfully escaped.

Glaring at the two Demonic Cultivators, Cloud said through gritted teeth, “I bet you two b*stards didn’t think we would escape, huh?”

“Impossible! How could you all have escaped? Weren’t your spiritual senses absorbed by the ice crystal?”

“No way! Those spirits broke through the seal, which proves they absorbed enough spiritual senses!”

The two Demonic Cultivators were dumbfounded. They could not understand why the crowd was doing fine despite the fact that the spirits had broken through the seal.

“It’s because Mr. Chance’s consciousness field is so vast that his spiritual sense alone is enough! That’s how he saved everyone,” Vasily sneered.

“What?” The two Demonic Cultivators stared at Kai with even greater disbelief. They had tricked plenty of cultivators in the past, but none of them had been that powerful. They had messed up by bringing Kai into the cave.

They did not expect a Third Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator to possess such overwhelming power. They regretted their actions. Instead of getting rewarded, they would both be punished.

At that moment, they wished they could eat Kai alive. However, facing so many people, they dared not attack Kai recklessly.

“Let’s just cut the chit-chat and kill them!” Konce was getting impatient. Never before did he experience such intense humiliation.

“Although there are many of you, it’s not that easy to kill us!”

After one of the Demonic Cultivators finished speaking, he opened his mouth and breathed fire. The other Demonic Cultivator promptly did the same. The flames instantly met and formed a fireball.

Then, a red mist wrapped around them. Around this mist, there were flames burning.

“Kill them!” shouted Konce. Just as the crowd was about to attack the Demonic Cultivators, the flames around the two began to explode. Their bodies spun rapidly, forming a tornado that rose into the air.

“Those two are trying to escape!” Kai could tell the duo was attempting to flee with the explosion of the flame. He pulled out Demon Flogger and swung it at the tornado. A crisp slap was heard. There was a flash of white light, followed by the screams of the two Demonic Cultivators.

Their bodies were hit by Demon Flogger and torn apart. However, their spirits used that opportunity to fly away.

“Dammit! Those two gave up their bodies and got away!” Cloud exclaimed and intended to chase after the Demonic Cultivators. However, Kai stopped him. “Don’t go.”

“Why, Mr. Chance? Even if they are only spirits now, we still can’t let them go!” “Other Demonic Cultivators are approaching us, and they’re strong. We need to leave as soon as possible.”

Upon hearing that, the crowd promptly gathered around Kai with a stern look on their faces. Kai’s spiritual sense was extremely powerful. They had no reason to doubt his words. Meanwhile, the two Demonic Cultivators only relaxed when they realized Kai’s group didn’t chase after them.


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