The Mans Decree Chapter 2926

Although only their spirits were left, the Demonic Cultivators could revive pretty easily. All they needed was to find a new body or pills that could regenerate their bodies.

They might have lost a portion of their power, but it was better than dying for real. If they hadn’t protected their spirits with demonic fire earlier, Kai’s Demon Flogger would’ve ended their lives for good.

“We need to head back as soon as possible and tell Lord Inferno Devil about that brat’s Demon Flogger,” said one of the Demonic Cultivators before they continued flying away.

However, a few minutes after that, they encountered three people. All three of them possessed powerful auras and the aura of a demon.

“It’s Ms. Baptiste!” The two instantly became excited and flew toward that side. These three people were Lynette and two demon guardians. They had come to check out the place where the souls were sealed and planned to take Kai away.

When Lynette saw the spirits of the two Demonic Cultivators floating toward her, she frowned.

“How did you two end up like this?” she asked coldly.

“You must avenge us, Ms. Baptiste! We didn’t expect those people to escape from the cave! Not only that, the cave collapsed and trapped the spirits underground!” one of the two Demonic Cultivators said, then recounted the entire incident.

When Lynette heard about Demon Flogger, her expression became tense. “You’re saying that that brat knows how to use demonic fire and has Demon Flogger in his possession? Is he really only a Third Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator?” How could someone like him know so many tricks? Also, how did Demon Flogger end up in his possession?

“It’s true. Although the brat is only a Third Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator, his spiritual sense is massive. It’s thanks to him that the others could escape. I apologize for our incompetence. We will accept any form of punishment, Ms. Baptiste.” The two Demonic Cultivators knew they had ruined the operation and would need to be punished for it.

However, they were optimistic that their punishment wouldn’t be too severe since they had already lost their bodies.

“You two indeed should be punished for your incompetence.” Lynette narrowed her eyes, and a flame in her palm instantly engulfed their spirits.

The two Demonic Cultivators screamed, “Have mercy on us, Ms. Baptiste! We’ve been loyal to the cause and done many things for so many years! Why do you want to exterminate us completely?”

They couldn’t understand why Lynette was killing them both. “It’s precisely because you two have done many things that I need to kill you both. Otherwise, there’s a risk of you two spilling our secrets to others.” Lynette eliminated the two Demonic Cultivators calmly as though she were squashing two bugs.

The destruction of the spirit seal and the appearance of Demon Flogger was a huge blow to the demons.

Demonic Cultivators were already living a tough life, and Inferno Devil had finally recruited a new batch of subordinates after so many years.

If that news were to spread among the Demonic Cultivators, it would cause panic. Some might even escape. To keep everyone calm, Lynette had to crush the two incompetent Demonic Cultivators. Soon, the spirits of the two Demonic Cultivators were incinerated by her demonic fire.

“What do we do now, Ms. Baptiste? Should we continue searching for the man or return to report on the situation?” one guardian asked.

“Don’t tell Master about this yet. We’ll capture those who escaped and that brat before we discuss this matter further. The only way to ensure Master doesn’t get enraged is to present Demon Flogger to him. Otherwise, if we return now, we’ll be admonished severely.”

Lynette knew that Inferno Devil would scold her if she did not handle the matter well even though it was the two dead Demonic Cultivators’ fault. Inferno Devil had entrusted the matter to her, so she was responsible for it.

She didn’t mind being scolded, but she absolutely didn’t want Josephine to become Inferno Devil’s new favorite. Otherwise, her losses would be significant.

She wanted to capture Kai first before reporting the issue to Inferno Devil.


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