The Mans Decree Chapter 2929

Meanwhile, Cloud and the others who were hiding not far away were confused as they listened to Kai and Lynette’s conversation.

They could not understand why Kai had started flirting with the Demonic Cultivator and had even suggested cultivating together. Were they going to watch a grand show for free?

Lynette was still smiling even after hearing Kai’s words. “I’d like to have a good time with you now, but there are other people around, and I can’t possibly let them see my body. Once I kill them all, I’ll take off my clothes and let you admire my body.”

With that, flames burst out of her and surrounded Kai to stop him from escaping. However, just as the flames wrapped around Kai, Kai’s body started turning transparent before disappearing entirely.

Lynette’s smile froze, and she furrowed her brows. “You’re just a Third Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator, but you’re capable of creating a shadow clone with such ease. You even tricked me. You’re really not a nobody.”

Lynette had never thought that this was merely Kai’s shadow clone. She had thought it was his real body and had not noticed anything amiss at all because the aura of his shadow clone was no different from his original body.

Even Cloud, Sunny, and the others were shocked. They had no idea when Kai had gained the skill to create a shadow clone. Like Lynette, they had thought he had been truly standing there.

It turned out that Kai had been buying time by chatting with Lynette. “Aren’t you guys going to make your move? She has already discovered the trick.”

At some point, Kai had appeared behind them. Four people-three Eighth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivators and one Seventh Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator-began moving when they heard Kai’s voice.

As they moved in for the attack, they each released a spiritual energy chain to tie Lynette up. Cloud spat out a mouthful of blood essence to make the ground shake, and ice walls rose up to trap Lynette within them.

“Radiant Ensnarement!” Konce roared. Numerous thin threads of light interwove and turned into a massive net above Lynette. When the net came down, it trapped Lynette within.

Now that Lynette was bound by spiritual energy chains, surrounded by a wall of ice, and wrapped in a net, it looked like she had been completely controlled.

“Hmph! You’re nothing but a group of foolish men!” Lynette scoffed. There was no trace of panic on her face. Instead, she seemed to be mocking them.

Fiery red flames erupted from her body and shot into the sky like a dazzling fireworks display. They altered the hue of the sky and sent tremors through the ground. In the blink of an eye, the net and the ice walls turned into dust.

Cloud and the other three were forced to move back because of the intense flames. Despite their swift retreat, they still felt the backlash of that heat wave. Nevertheless, without stopping, the four of them shared a look before launching attacks at Lynette again. They knew that they would lose their lives if they did not go all out now.

The four individuals unleashed their abilities, conjuring a tempest imbued with formidable power from all four directions and directing them at Lynette.

At the same time, Kai summoned a fire dragon that roared and charged toward Lynette. The next second, roars and hisses came from the arcane array Kai had set up as various beasts with frost energy started dashing toward Lynette as well. Everyone gave their absolute best, leaving nothing in reserve.

Kai had quickly moved backward after summoning the fire dragon. He was not running away. Instead, he was hastily drawing a complicated pattern on the snowy ground..

He was setting up another arcane array. What he needed most was time. In the face of so many terrifying attacks, Lynette actually laughed.


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