The Mans Decree Chapter 2930

“You insignificant creatures, do you think a cultivator who is about to enter the realm of Tribulator is someone you can easily defeat? How ridiculous. Don’t think you’re as powerful as me. We’re worlds apart! When you reach my cultivation level, you’ll understand what I mean. All I need is an opportunity to reach the realm of Tribulator! Maybe you’ll be my opportunity…”

Not only was Lynette not afraid to be up against so many people’s attacks, but she even seemed excited. She had been stuck as a Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator for a long time, and the opportunity she sought had never once appeared. Perhaps this was her opportunity..

Lynette raised her hands, causing orbs of flames to materialize around her. A total of seven orbs of demonic fire spun around Lynette.

The orbs spun faster and faster, gradually merging into a towering pillar of flame. Lynette vanished from their view as if she too had become part of the flames. Everyone’s eyes widened as they felt a faint tremor in their hearts.

Along with the continuous rotation of the flaming pillar, the colors of the sky shifted, and the snow in the vicinity evaporated, revealing a crystal-clear ice surface.

The flame pillar grew larger and larger until a searing, blinding ball of fire emerged at its core. That was the purest form of demonic fire.

The ball slowly descended, and the others were surprised to find Lynette in the ball. Cloud and the others’ attacks, when came into contact with the fireball, were instantly crushed before turning into spiritual energy that dispersed in all directions.

Even the fire dragon that Kai had summoned was absorbed by the fireball when it approached the ball. And before those beasts could reach Lynette, they were turned into nothingness by the hot flames.

Shock was written on the faces of Cloud and the others. They wanted to retreat immediately, but the scattered spiritual energy struck them and sent them flying backward.

Each and every one of them looked at Lynette resentfully. Despite working together, they were no match for Lynette. Not even Kai’s involvement did anything to change the situation.

Lynette, who was still in the fireball, looked at them in disdain. “Foolish creatures, have you finally realized the difference between us?”

Shen then lifted her arms. The fireball continued to rotate, and the surrounding spiritual energy began to condense. Cloud, Sunny, and the rest could only turn to Kai, putting all their hopes on him.

By then, Kai had already completed his drawing of that complex arcane array and dropped a drop of crimson blood essence in the center of the arcane array.

Seeing Lynette charging toward Cloud and the others, he leaped out of the arcane array and shouted, “Quick, get inside the arcane array!”

They swiftly ran into the arcane array Kai had set up. Although they had no idea what kind of arcane array Kai had set up, they placed unconditional trust in Kai at that moment. That arcane array would certainly save their lives.

“Still trying to run? Dream on!” Lynette sneered. At that moment, Kai had taken out Demon Flogger and struck it at the gigantic fireball Lynette was in A sharp crack echoed as Demon Flogger shot out a beam of light.

It struck the fireball, and Lynette’s body stiffened. She could feel the immense pressure coming from Demon Flogger despite being inside the fireball.

While Lynette was momentarily stunned, Kai took the opportunity to get inside the arcane array as well. The second the arcane array was activated, a white curtain of light slowly rose around it.

“Teleportation Array? So you’re trying to escape with Teleportation Array! I will never let you get away with this!”

Lynette jumped into the arcane array as well.


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