The Mans Decree Chapter 2931

However, the moment Lynette entered it, she realized that they had vanished without a trace. Unbeknownst to her, they had exited the Teleportation Array at one point.

As it turned out, they had not actually entered the Teleportation Array, they had merely deceived Lynette into believing so.

The Teleportation Array Kai had sketched out could not actually transport such a large group at the same time. Furthermore, it was an unstable array.

Right as Lynette entered the Teleportation Array, Kai threw out several runes. When they lit up, Lynette grimaced.

She tried to struggle to escape, only to find out that her body seemed to be out of her control. In fact, her body was slowly becoming transparent.

“Did you think that this Teleportation Array was our escape plan? It’s actually meant for you! We’re going to teleport you far away. Although the Teleportation Array won’t harm you, you won’t be catching up to me anytime soon,” Kai said smugly.

Lynette let out a scream in anger. The space around her quaked, and her body gradually became a blur. The power of space gripped Lynette firmly, denying her any chance of escape. Lynette was infuriated. She never thought she would fall for Kai’s trap.

She was a Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator, and yet, she had been tricked by a mere Third Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator like Kai. If news of this got out, she would become the laughingstock of the year.

However, regardless of her growing anger, she was powerless to halt the activation of the Teleportation Array. Soon, her figure slowly disappeared. It was only when Lynette’s aura was gone did everyone let out a sigh of relief.

Kai even sat on the ground and started panting. Drawing the Teleportation Array and initiating the teleportation had drained a significant portion of Kai’s energy.

“That was so close! If the activation of this Teleportation Array had failed, we would have all died here,” Cloud said, wiping the cold sweat from his forehead.

“Let’s just get out of here. She’s not the only Demonic Cultivator in the vicinity. If we come across someone else as formidable as her, we’ll be in serious trouble,” Kai warned after taking a few deep breaths.

Sunny and the others knew that Kai was speaking the truth. They were nothing but sitting ducks if they came across another powerful Demonic Cultivator like Lynette.

“I was lucky to have completed the drawing of the Teleportation Array and activated it this time, but I doubt we’ll be as lucky next time. I lack the energy to draw another Teleportation. Array, and I’m uncertain how far this one will transport her. It’s better if we leave as soon as possible,” Kai said.

They had taken a bet and come out on top; they had not truly gotten rid of Lynette with their strength.

“I agree. Let’s get out of here,” Sunny chimed in. Soon, they picked up speed and traveled in the opposite direction from where they started.

That way, they could avoid the Demonic Cultivators, for the Demonic Cultivators would never expect them to head back the same way.

Not long after they fled, the two guardians Lynette had brought along bumped into each. other. “Ms. Baptiste’s aura’s gone. What happened?”

Barken asked somberly. They had detected the abrupt loss of Lynette’s aura, and the last known location of her presence was where they were standing now.

“There are signs of a fight here. Did something bad happen to Ms. Baptiste?” another guardian wondered.

“No way. Ms. Baptiste is a Ninth Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator. She’s more powerful than both you and me combined. How could something bad happen to her?”

Barken didn’t believe it at all. “Then why would Ms. Baptiste’s aura disappear so suddenly? This doesn’t make sense.”

The other guardian could not wrap his head around the abrupt disappearance of Lynette’s aura.


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